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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Reinventing Energy: The Rossi E-Cat

Clean Energy:  Where man has yet to Go

A 'cold fusion' reaction has already gone commercial and will be reinventing the energy sector.  The Rossi  E-cat  or "energy catalyzer"  is the unique invention of  Andrea Rossi, an Italian engineer using a unique approach to creating energy.   The process and process  has already been validated by other researchers and observers. 

How does it work?  A low energy  reaction.  External heat applied at about 60C initiates a reaction that is self-sustaining.  Is nuclear chemistry at work? That may be one of the important questions.  Nickel is turned into copper, and in the process, a huge amount of energy is released. Very little fuel is required. 

There is no emission of Carbon dioxide , no radioactive waste byproduct is  produced, and no radioactive materials are used in the process. 
Let the  dirty oil industry take note, the E-Cat is non-polluting, and creates clean energy. It can create heat, boil water, generate steam,  electricity, and drive vehicles down the road.  
At Incoming Bytes we believe The age of light is indeed upon us.  The bell tolls for dirty, polluting technology. 

The E-cat involves a fine nickel powder, an unnamed catalyst,  hydrogen, and a cold fusion reaction  process  The reaction observed and useful is exothermic, meaning that it produces heat--a lot of it.  
There are 10Kw home-sized units which will be soon be  available to heat homes.

The world is watching! 
The first Mega-Watt-sized unit has been sold and has been delivered.  Imagine the significance of this event.   The first large mega-Watt-sized unit has been sold ---and  it will be, like all good eCats, refilled and charged only once every six months. 
 Now all we have to do is wait and see how far the heavily-financed petroleum sector  will go to discourage and discredit this already-proven,  genuine innovation.   The time for cold fusion has arrived. 

That's my story and I'm sticking to it.


  1. That's interesting, but it doesn't mean the end of the oil industry by any means. The main use for petroleum products is to provide feedstock for the chemical industry. What this invention does is to free more of this byproduct for use in the chemical industry. No doubt it will be welcomed by the petroleum industry because there is more money to be had from the chemical industry then oil's use as fuel.

  2. I'll have to admit... this is something new to me; but it sounds promising. Did I hear you say no CO2 and radioactive emission? Well, that good news for a start regardless if petroleum products are still used to initiate it. Much less harmful side-effects are a much welcomed alternative to what is already noted as 'too many side effects'. Its about time the world goes green and does something about the crisis we face. If we solely depend on oil and gas for all our needs, we'll still be in the same rut that we are in now and worse. Prices soar and then we are the ones to struggle... Its about time that change happens where we can hope to get back a breather both environmentally and financially. Hope there's more investment and interest into this. It would be interesting to see how much of this works out too. I'd suggest we all jump on the E-Cat wagon and roll along. Sounds much better than paying for gas.

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