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Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Prestigious 2011 Sunshine Blogger Award !

The Prestigious Sunshine Blogger Award  

The sunshine of November and the unseasonably warm weather is not my only blessing, it seems. I get to read blogs of my choosing, and I  follow a list of favourites regularly.  Most of them are no less than amazing.  As a blogger myself,  I am always on the lookout for interesting stuff to read, new ideas, and devious ways to attract new readers or even keep  loyal readers interested.  

At Incoming Bytes I am also  always deleriously  happy  to receive any sign that someone has actually read 'the blog'...so  I am especially delighted to have picked for a  2011 Sunshine Blogger award.

It being such an honour,  I would especially like to thank Rachel Howells,  who picked Incoming Bytes for such kudos,  is a friend and superlative writer. She writes with refreshing honesty, curious logic, wit and  with biting hilarity  on Lala Musings.   (http://lalamusings-lala.blogspot.com/ )   Rachel  also fearlessly tackles  tough issues and now, bravely  hands out awards only to the best,  doing  so with an elegant touch.

As a blogger or writer, it is always an inspiration to receive recognition from friends, individuals and prestigious organizations  even if  received for the most  obscure reason.  Recognition encourages us to  write more, write faster, but above all,  be better at what we do. Write better. Write more thoughtfully.  Sometimes it even encourages us to hand out more awards.  
There are rules involved in accepting the amazing Sunshine Blogger Award, which are:
1.  Thank the presenter,  and write a blog post about it.
2.   Answer a few basic questions,  and
3.   Turn the spotlight on ten or twelve blogs that inspire you.  Adding links for the blogs is essential.
The questions are as follows:
What is your favourite colour and why?
What is your favourite animal?
What is your favourite number?
What is your favourite drink?
Which do you prefer,  Facebook or Twitter?
What is your greatest passion in life?
Do you prefer giving or getting presents?
Which day of the week is your favourite?
What are your favourite flowers?
Here are my responses to the questions at hand: 
 Favourite Colour:  My favourite colour is yellow, the colour of the morning sun. It awakens, and inspires, and makes morning coffee more enjoyable. Some say it is also the colour of madness and lemons. I like it anyway.   It is not a coincidence that my favourite blog heading picture is blinding yellow. Oops......

Favourite Animal:   My all-time favorite animal is the horse. Horses run like the wind, the  symbol of freedom. They can kick back, but they also know how to kick back and relax.

Favourite Number:  Although 3 comes after two and  7 is supposed to be a lucky number, I am fascinated by 9. The number 9 is no less than amazing.  No matter what you do with the number 9, it works out.  I like things that always work out.  3+6=9,  3x6=18,  but  1+8=9. Add as many nines together as you like, the sum of the resulting numbers always add up to nine somehow.  That's where yellow comes from too, you get the idea.

Favourite drink:   Water wins, hands down and bottoms up.  Adam's ale. The most valuable liquid in the universe.  Curiously, water also floats boats and  rusts nails. There has to be a subliminal message there someplace.

Facebook or Twitter?   Facebook is unnecessarily intrusive into privacy.  I'm guessing it's smarter to like Twitter better.

Favourite Passion:   I could easily say writing fiction, because that is what I enjoy doing. The inspiration for that proclivity,  however, comes from observing humanity, so that's my favourite passion. Watching an alien species do alien stuff comes to mind.

Getting or giving presents:  I much prefer to give presents. Getting them is always difficult and seems to infer future obligation, however tenuous.  Giving is much safer.

Favourite day:   Saturday is the best, hands down. You can do anything on Saturday, knowing you can recuperate the next day.

Favourite flowers;   Black-eyed Susans.  They don't have thorns, they're yellow and they're wild, unlike sunflowers, which are coincidentally also yellow.  Don't get me wrong here, I like sunflowers the best  too. The problem with sunflowers is they are tame, usually grow in rows, and they follow the sun like slaves, which is a cool thing to watch, but seems just a bit too organized, something like choreography gone berserk. 

 My favourite blogs, for various and sometimes arcane reasons, whether it be excellence, humour,  incredibly good writing, wisdom, wit, the foibles of humanity, philosophy, objectivity, fuzzy warm subject matter or just plain fun,  are as follows:

Glory       at  Glory's Garden
Jim          at   Just Camping out 
John        at   Gold Mining and Prospecting
Mandy    at   Mandy's Pages
Nadine    at   Last Known Nest
Alex        at   A Heep of NASCAR 
Julie        at   Wooly Acres
Sharon    at   Resistant but Persistent
Olivia     at   Olivia's Open Book
Conny     at   Under the Toronto Sun
Rachel    at    Lala Musings   ( Rachel,  this is not a conspiracy. This is a genuine award. You had to receive this award again to become the Dual Sushine Blogger Award winner. )

Enjoy!  Thanks again, Rachel!

 that's my story and I'm sticking to it


  1. As usual a great post ;) and great choices!

  2. Whoa! Thanks for the mention. Interestingly enough you picked my Nascar blog :-)

  3. Cool, very cool! I would never have guessed you were a black-eyed Susan kind of guy. :-)

  4. Thanks so much, Raymond. I feel quite honored amongst all these other great blogs.

  5. Thanks Raymond. I didn't even realize this post was here until right now. I am flattered and honoured, but am also humorously curious about my curious logic. I think both my husband and eldest daughter would agree with you there! ;-)

  6. Rachel, your sense of humour and curious logic is part of the intrigue of your excellent posts. That's why you got the Dual award!


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