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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Early Christmas, Morgidoo's Christmas Carol and Dragons

Bah, humbug....hm....$$$$$....

Cover for 'Morgidoo's Christmas Carol'
Early Christmas stuff is showing up all over the place.  Ho-hum....this year was the earliest I have seen anything Christmas-related-- the day after Halloween.  Christmas trees already. Furniture-store Santas...only ONE day.
No in-between breathers after scarey Halloween ghosts and goblins  before getting smacked into Christmas Past, Present and Future, right into that even more scary stuff,  the big business of  spending a lot of money for gifts nobody really appreciates.
 At Incoming Bytes my loyal readers know I always imagine,-- even fondly believe there are more important things to life than money. The fact is, money offers us only additional choices in life.

It may appear at some point that I might be forced to face the reality that I am vastly out-numbered;  will I have to relinquish cherished old-fashioned values?   To the casual but alert observer, it may appear that I do not see the big commercial picture, that I do not feel guilty enough about not spending thousands of dollars at Christmas, or, gadzooks,,,,that I  may not have been raised commercially.  It's obvious that I like porridge with brown sugar better than  air-filled Cheerios, colored or not. Idon't have the latest, greatest  text-talk-browser-internet-GPS-WiFi cell-phone either.   Perhaps I am simply not  synchronized  with the intent, plans, and progress of the modern commercial world? It does appear that way. One thing for sure, I am Christmas-challenged.    Caffeine may be responsible.  Maybe not. I better have another cup of coffee and think about that one.

 " How ever shall that boy succeed?" has been asked on more than one occasion in dusty, hallowed halls of  paint-spattered elves  and twittering tea-tasters, complete with shortbread cookies, bespectacled  eye rolls and  eyebrows frowning surreptitiously under  pointy green hats.
Well, have we got news! We're getting up to speed..  After all, Christmas is only fifty-some days away!

It's *time* to get your very own copy of  Morgidoo's Christmas Carol  which is a new eBook, and a genuine Christmas classic, not a  mish-mash boring  re-hash of St. Nick, Santa Claus and little green elves building toys up at the North Pole or in China. There's no milk and cookies for Santa here, just a new and timeless |Christmas story he may wish to read.

 Morgidoo's Christmas Carol is different and unique.  I wrote it.  Read it and see. It even has pictures in it. Nice ones. You'll be glad you did.  So will your children, siblings,  your spouse, your girlfriend, your neighbors, everybody at the coffee shop,  and even Grandma and Grandpa. You'll find out, there's hope for the world yet.

Besides, how else would  I get to sit beside Kevin O'Leary on Dragon's Den or make a pitch for a real bucket of cash for Christmas?  If  I have enough alert readers and prospective customers, I may even become a disciplined investor and buy some presents. Christmas is only fifty-some days away.  Hurry.  You can pass that message on to Mr. Scrooge himself.
Bah, humbug!

Is that Incoming I hear?

*this is a classic case of blatant self-promotion and a training exercise in  fully supporting commercial Christmas aficionados, bookworms, and  Scrooge-like humbugs alike.


  1. I'm right there with you on Christmas and money and trappings RK...Makes me very ill. I cannot believe Christmas is already being pushed, but of course. They are preparing the finality of their takeover siege and they need the people sound asleep, so what better way than promote spending money...On TV down here there are continual ads for layaways. If you can't buy the big screen tv put it on lay away, go further into debt.Can it all get any worse than it is? It was so incredibly disgusting that Mayor Bloomberg had set aside huge generators and police force for the NYC marathon, but somebody took pictures of it and all hell broke loose and Bloomberg was on the hot seat. As it should of always been there is no marathon this year. The dark ones are getting shoved by the light, there is still hope alive. One of my recent posts was about holidays and the lack of feeling they provide. I said it was time for holidays such as peace and love and family. Lets celebrate things that matter not lies!!!Oh well, you know how I feel about all of this :) No more ranting. Your book sounds wonderful RK...Good for you. We need good books to read as well as holidays to celebrate! VK

  2. hi Vk, thank you for confirming that other people feel the same way about the advance commercial pushing of 'holidays' upon us--with only one agenda, that is to make profit. It IS sickening, just as sickening as Bloomberg's keeping generators and capable help for the marathon--how SICK is that, when people need so much help? NO wonder people are so angry.
    Morgidoo's Christmas Carol really is really about hope, and the Age of Light returning to mankind. I really do hope you read it! We must learn to ignore all of the negatives and focus on REAL hope, the inherent goodness in people that surround us...and ignore the dark evil. One thing you can be sure about, evil does not like to be exposed in daylight....":) Have a great day! ~R

  3. Raymond, first congratulations on writing your book, sounds Like a very Christmas read with a difference...The Silver Bell hunt sounds like something we should all be joining in... We could do with that pure tone to ring back some of that harmony again into each community....

    As for Christmas goodies in the shop now I can bet I could beat you on that.. I saw Christmas cards on sale in August..

    Good Luck Raymond in everything you do...
    Blessings Sue

    1. Hi Sue, I'm so sorry I did not see your comments earlier. Thank you so much, we sure could use the pure tone of spiritual humanity into our lives..Christmas cards in August are just commercialism, profit-seeking, may they receive what they seek.
      Blessings to you too, my friend. ":) ~R


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