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Sunday, November 11, 2012

The American Way: Is it really the best? Solutions

Light Reveals All

It's about time.  The US election is over. Thank God. Let us now ask the right questions, poke the right buttons at the right time, and shine the spotlight on root problems and encourage  productive governance.  Shall Americans now pledge to make progress, or fall, disheartened and disorganized,  into a recession?

Well, okay. Let's ask why.  Like it or not, the people have spoken. Like it or not, worth repeating,   President Barack Obama, most observably the first black president of the United States was not only elected, but  confirmed and returned to the job-and that is all it really is--is a job.

It's a big job. All right, it's a big job, no doubt. Big perks, big hype, big White House, big government, big media, big everything.  Bottom line, his big  job is to lead the people   Let's use round numbers;  say some 300 million  almost-consenting- almost adults of the United States--must now be led through some very tough times.

Why is this suddenly perceived to be so problematic? 
 Here's the way I see it.  Even adults and educated people face disappointment when our candidates do not 'win'. Don't cry, baby.
What else is new?
 Have presidents not led the United States of America through tough economic and political times before? How about Pearl Harbor? How about Viet Nam?  How about the Cuban Missile Crisis?   How about 9/ll ?  How about the manipulated financial global meltdown and sub-prime mortgage fiasco? How about the Gulf oil disaster, Iraq, Katrina,  Afghanistan. ..ad nauseum,.....never mind  Sandy, the newest  ugly storm that just gob-smacked the east coast of the United States of America? 

The fact is there's always another tough challenge facing any sovereign nation--and there will always be tough issues to deal with regardless of who leads the nation or runs the highest office.

Were your personal feelings hurt? Get over it. Stop whining.  Hello?    Americans collectively chose Barack Obama for a second term. Are you now admitting the majority of the United States is WRONG?   I thought not.
 The time for political games, bickering and bitching  is over. 

The fix:  Don't like the system that ignores the popular vote?  Fix it. don't like the Electoral college or the makeup of the Supreme Court?  Change it! Your candidate didn't win? Nominate a better candidate next time. 
The election went your way? Congratulations. Now act like it and show that your ideas ARE better than the status quo. Prove your ideas ARE better options for all Americans. Compromise and common sense is essential

 You have responsibilities, and it is time to begin acting like responsible adults. 
 Collectively, you now have the responsibility, the obligation to hand an environmental gem and proud economic legacy to your children and  grandchildren, not an impossible debt load, an economic death sentence, a broken, collapsed country, and an ecological  disaster caused only by stubborn, short-sighted greedy corporations, Big Money, endless consumption,  blinders to obvious defects in foolish  ideology erroneously perceived to be perfection and iron-clad, or just plain stupidity and lack of common sense. 
 The fact is, Americans  need to work shoulder to shoulder, not nose to nose. 

Is the American way the best?  Prove it.  The world is watching.  America needs conciliatory, creative solutions, not childish rants of 'winners' or vindictive, destructive tantrums of 'losers'. Whether you are a Billionaire, a single mom, a speculator, entrepreneur,  a middle manager or an unemployed plumber--a quantum change in thinking by Americans  is required.  
Not "if your candidate wins next time", but now, today. 

Is that Incoming I hear?    


  1. With the (qualified) exception of the final paragraph I could not disagree more thouroughly with anything you've posted Raymond, but as always, you said what you had to say very well!

    1. Thanks,Mac, I imagine I'll get lots of negative comments on this, but the fact is, pragmatically, it seems to me that it's a waste of energy and time complaining about the results, since the majority has spoken. Logic has to prevail some time. Everything comes full circle. Actually I do the same thing, I sure don't like the results of our elections either, I sure didn't like the last Federal election much- and I'm human, I suffer from the same post-election distress. I also encourage anyone that doesn't agree to tell me why.If the election had turned out differently, a whole different set of people would express that same dismay. Such is life, I'm guessing. Thanks again for taking the time to disagree and comment Mac, much appreciated. ":) ~R

  2. Interesting post... Problem is a LARGE segment of U.S. Americans currently reside in a Fantasy World... They listen to bigoted "Entertainment News" Radio, watch and listen to biased "Entertainment News Television", engulf and believe blatant nonsensical lies, willingly vote AGAINST their own interests when the issue of race takes a seat at the table, and vow to 'take' back a country that was stolen from Native American Indians... Until folks currently residing in the bubble (that is ignorance and non-acceptance) manage to burst through and embrace the NEW United States, inner turmoil, unlike that of the "true" politics as usual, will continue to take center stage... It is as though many, some for lack of education and others due to "esteem", expected a country BUILT on Immigration, thought this land would always look, and be run by, the "ESTABLISHMENT"! From my perspective, this notion could only be assessed as unrealistic and ignorant!

    1. Hi Renee, long time no see! Welcome to Incoming Bytes again. I could not agree more with your comments. You nailed it. There is so much 'fantasy' that is believed to be 'truth' by so many naive and often ignorant people. Lack of education may be part of it, but lack of common sense, denial, and brainwashing contributes a great deal to the total lack of comprehension--what has really been done the country.
      The establishment status quo is clearly defective--a quantum change in thinking and process is required--until that happens the 'establishment's' sense of self-entitlement will continue--while they continue to brainwash average people into feeling guilty if they happen to be struggling or need help.
      The gap between the obscene levels of wealth now concentrating and the poor is widening; meantime the same wealthy invest hundreds of BILLIONS offshore for greater outsourcing profits, gut the North American economy, and whine and complain that the home-grown 'American economy' is bad --and also play the race card every chance possible. You're right, it is terribly unrealistic, clearly the demographics of North America are changing, that is the reality. We must also recognize that any culture taking over a nation or territory will eventually, in turn--be taken over. Such is life! Thanks for commenting, Renee! ~R

  3. Well said, Raymond. It's sad that we have a minority in this country who are unwilling to recognize that we live in 1012 and 1950. This is the group that lost the election for the Republican Party. As to the future? I remain optimistic that our leaders will get their acts together ... that the obstructionists will have no place to hide...and that President Obama will rise to the occasion in ways he was unable to achieve during his first term. However, passing Health Care Reform was no small feat. If you are interested in a fascinating and enlightening discussion with a respected group of Americans from both parties, go to a video of today's "Meet the Press" show. It's right here: http://video.ca.msn.com/watch/video/roundtable-revisits-2012-race/17yr9b4bs?from=

    1. How true, Diane. There is a serious gap in reality somehow-the leaders MUST now lead. I do hope they ALL get their acts together--it won't be easy by any means. Enlightenment IS the key; there's no margin left for fantasy or idiocy. Thanks for the clip too ":) ~R

  4. Well RK...As an American I can say you could not be more wrong! Still love ya though :) We the people have not spoken! Our vote never counts as the Presidents are chosen by the dark ones as to who is best to aid their agenda, There is no voting! The people never get a chance to speak. we are handed a person and are told this is our president. End of story....VK

    1. Hi Vk, 'according to the system of fantasy and illusion being perpetrated upon the people--' the people have spoken hence the "why whine about it?". There are far more productive things to do.
      There is a huge difference isn't there? The electoral college system is a farce, the candidates are all pre-selected by the PTB for the agenda of BIG MONEY, and in REALITY --of course the people really do not get a VOICE or a vote. We are painfully aware of that, and even for the untrained eye, popular vote isn't used, the system used does NOT in any form represent the people. Note the caption on the photo....Light reveals all...........I'm sure in that light you now understand what I said..lol...We are on the same track.... Best evening, Vk! ":))

  5. If only it were that simple. There is much more at stake here. However, whining... will not work, we must keep working - that I agree with whole-heartedly. Working and praying... Angie

    1. hi Angie, I know..if it were only that simple says it all. They're not serious enough to actually DO enough to make the difference and be successful. Whining about it sure isn't going to change anything,period. Working and praying-now there are two good ideas....and there IS a lot more at stake there, now to convince enough people to change! ....Thanks for commenting! ":)

  6. Not being an American, and Not following your politics to me the majority vote won, we had a coalition government and still there are squabbles in the house.
    But its ok blaming the politicians about it all.. WE put them there... And at the end of the day we are ALL of us responsible for our way of living and lives... Its time we understood that if we want the World to change, its no good just whining about it.. We need to put into action the way we want to live..
    If we want a more caring world, then we have to start and BE Caring, If we want a more Peaceful World then we need to stop arguing and warring with our neighbours and relatives. If we want Harmony, then its not someone else's problem... Its OURS... MINE, YOURS..
    It all starts with ME... to change the world, we need to start and look, really look at ourselves and change Who We Are...What is it we want from life? and once we learn to become better Human Beings, we then change our communities, our neighbourhoods, our countries and the world...
    While ever we are full of blame, anger, greed, control, and regret.... we get more of the same....

    Wishing you a Great Sunday Raymond...

    1. hi Sue--SO well said. I'm sorry I did not see your comment sooner...but really, It all starts within. Too bad more people don't realize that. I'm Canadian, as an observer of what's happening south of the border,it's hard NOT to draw conclusions-and see what the problem is. Unfortunately, WE are just as bad-I'm guessing. It does have to change from within--all across the world. Thank you so much for commenting and have a good one! ":) ~R


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