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Monday, November 12, 2012

Seceding from the United States of America to join Chinada?

Is the Sun setting on the U.S.A.?

Seceding?   Welcome to Chinada
Update:  Welcome to the Disunited States of America.  There are now 50 states with secession petitions in the making.....

Soon the only state left will be THE STATE OF UNHAPPINESS

Well, so it seems,  it is hitting the fan.  For all intents and purposes, to the average viewer, it seems the United States of America is about to dissolve into fragments. That would be 'individual states' more or less.

 A large number of US citizens are unhappy with the outcome of the election.  
What else is new?....but.....

Seceding from the United States of America? 
  For anyone that doesn't have a dictionary, that means secession,  buggering off out of the Union. Becoming one of the Less United States.   We imagine the founding fathers are rolling in their graves just hearing that word whispered.

There are petitions now requesting that 15  20  22    50  states  be allowed to peacefully leave the United States of America.  Louisiana was reportedly the first state to file a petition to leave the Union. A couple of these states have more than one petition. Competing yet, that oughta' work.

The following states (and a whole lot more)  have filed petitions to secede from the United States of America immediately if not sooner:
  • Alabama
  • Arizona
  • Arkansas
  •  Colorado, 
  •  Florida,
  •  Georgia 
  •  Indiana
  • Kentucky
  •  Louisiana
  • Michigan
  • Missouri
  •  Mississippi, 
  • Montana,
  • North Dakota
  • New Jersey
  •  New York
  • North Dakota,   
  • North Carolina,
  • South Carolina,
  •  Oregon
  • Oklahoma
  • Tennessee
  • Texas  

 Even blue-grass Tennessee wants to leave.  Grass must be bluer on the other side of the border.  Stay calm.  Imagine that. Good luck, boys, you'll need more legalized  weed to maintain the illusion of brilliant planning.
 Have you forgotten there's strength in numbers? Leave en masse Any of you wish to join Canada before you're individually  sold off to the Chinese? 

Just line up at the border, pick up an application form to move to  Canuck-nuck land,  that's a short cut to being Chinada, since our government is so intent on selling control of our resources to China's CNOOC state-owned oil company. 

If the excitement of seceding doesn't wear off  by the time a gazillion applications are processed, Welcome to Chinada.  

Is that Incoming I hear?  

UPDATE Data  courtesy of the Daily Caller


  1. Hello Chinada... Sending love from Chinmerika...I don't know why VT isn't on that list. I sent that to our seceding group and asked why we weren't. Haven't heard back...Figures...Next they'll be offering slanted eye makeovers at sears and walmart...Two for one special...Blessings..VK

    1. Hi Vk, nothing would surprise me. There are 50 states now with petitions. Isn't that something? Chinmerika and Chinada will get along just fine. Two for one special is right. Blessings for you too! ":)

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. [Oops... Needed to change link...]

    Hey back at you R... Haven't been too far... Simply lurking in the background... :}

    As far as half the United States ‘thinking’ it wants to secede goes..... I find it interesting that most of those states contemplating this notion to go rogue are situated on the right-hand section of the chart at the following URL...


    Your readers can deduce from that whatever they wish...

    1. R. Renee, yes,that is an interesting demographic illustration,isn't it? Whether it is entirely valid or not, whether the statistics quoted are correct, it is a fascinating idea. I doubt if anything will come of these petitions anyway--it makes absolutely no sense to become smaller, weaker economically -especially in exceptionally difficult times. On the other hand, could that same lack of common sense and/or education actually enable secessions ? That's a question isn't it? Thanks for pointing this out, R. Renee! ":) I do encourage our readers to think for themselves. ":))

  4. I do not agree with this movement, even though I understand the thoughts behind it. To many of us, this is not just a lost election. It is a lost USA as we know it. Whatever happens, it's not going to be pretty. :( But God is still in charge no matter who is in the office of the president, so maybe some people need to remember that? At least you give a perspective of what it must look like from outside. Angie

    1. hi Angela, it is interesting; it seems the majority of Americans don't see what it looks like from outside--and it does look ridiculous in some ways.It isn't going to be pretty, and yes, people should recognize there IS no genuine difference between the leaders offered by the 'system'. As they say, God's plan is perfect even if the 'unhappy', the 'secessionists', the 'whiners', the 'complainers' the 'winners', the 'losers' ..ad nauseum--- don't happen to appreciate it much at times. ":) ~R

  5. Hi Raymond. This is unbelievable and I am in thorough support of all comments. The additional point referring to what it makes US look like from the outside could underlie trade. foreign relations-the list is endless.
    A nation divided..." When I first heard of this, I thought for sure it was just one of those old laws that have never been taken off the books. Going to check out the link Angela mentioned. Best. ljt

    1. Hi Lee, welcome to Incoming Bytes! Yes,the people playing these games don't realize the bad impression it gives the world --everything looks so unstable--as if the US is a bad place to invest, do business with, or even travel to-given that the world knows the US already had one civil war. It does look like a nation divided. Have a wonderful day and thanks for commenting! ":) ~R

  6. Random works magically turned into hypertext. Pay no attention...

    1. Lee, the underlined hypertext words in this are "WordAds" that generate pennies supposedly. You can have them put on your site, they choose the words..supposedly it can generate some income for you. ":) I don't know how much revenue it generates, I've only had it on this site for a few months. ~R

  7. They all look like dolts from this side of the border. No one bothered to learn in history class this sort of behavior requires a united vote of the House and the Senate. We cannot get them to agree on which deli to deliver. Meh. Amateur politics stinks as bad as professional.

    1. You know what, Red, you are so right. If they get enough votes, there has to be a review, but there still has to be a united vote anyway. If they were serious they would be a lot smarter, and get organized, and raise money, raise awareness about ten thousand times as high as it is, and go for it.
      I'm smiling here, the 'which deli to deliver' applies perfectly. Or should that be pizza? With anchovies? No? Olive? How about pepperoni? bwahahahahahaha..thanks for pointing that out, Red! ":) ~R

  8. This is a first I heard of this Raymond, and I can understand the thinking behind it.. But as you rightly say... Instead of splitting up.. now is the time of uniting... pulling together... the problem is most everyone is out for themselves today.. and we have forgotten HOW! to pull together in times of need..
    Times are going to get alot tougher if we do not start right now to think outside our own little boxes of Self...

    Great informative post Raymond... I learnt something new today.. always a pleasure! :-)

    1. Hi Sue;

      I'm so sorry I did not see your comment sooner, this is a really important topic--and you hit the nail on the head,,,NOW is the time to pull together, and people seem to have forgotten how.
      YOUR observations are so astute. Thank you, my friend! ":) ~R


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