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Sunday, November 18, 2012

SoWrite NOVEMBER CONTEST: Fiction Best First Chapter !

$50 Cash Prize (minimum) for November Fiction 2012
SoWrite Contest Cash to be Won

Wow....I'm IN !

I've submitted MY entry.  I have a chance to win this $50.00 cash for first prize.Just in time for Christmas too....hm.....nice...

"WHAT?"  You ask.  "WHERE?"  

At  SoWrite.us.com, of course! 

 It is SO easy, too!   YOU can send in your own submission !
 Any first chapter that is your own creative work. It must be previously unpublished, genre fiction.   Send it in soon --and you have a great chance to win $50.00 !

 The winning entry will also  be placed on SoWrite.us  and promoted!

It should not be a surprise that my creative friend, writer and published author  Jim Bessey, the owner of  www.SoWrite.us.com  -- has come up with this new and exciting  challenge for writers.

For quite some time, our writer's group competed for glory, for  minor bits and pieces, for the thrill of being the best, and even for occasional Kudos and compliments  in a now defunct challenge group forum on Helium.

With many writers participating, --but leaving Helium,-- it was not surprising that such fierce competitors missed the action!

Jim Bessey,  the traditional  leader of those challenges, branched out on his own, launching  his own website for writers, "www.SoWrite.us.com  --and the new website is already  no less than amazing.
   Writers: Start your computers! 

Announcing: A Contest for November: 
 " Fiction:  Best First Chapter". 

Keeping in mind the reasons SoWrite  was created,,  Jim  has now announced the FIRST CONTEST ever to be held on SoWrite,  the November "Fiction:Best First Chapter". 

"Best first Chapter" seems to be a natural fit, with many authors already working on National Novel Writing Month, or NaNoWriMo  for short,  in which all authors attempt to complete a 50,000 word novel,  a work of fiction,  within the month of November.

How is your first chapter coming along? Are you writing a novel? If you have,  get on over to SoWrite.us.com   and enter!

YOU COULD WIN $50.00 CASH or even MORE depending on the number of entries!

Is YOUR first chapter of fiction  "the BEST FIRST CHAPTER" ?  

Enter  SoWrite's  November  "BEST FIRST CHAPTER" contest today and find out! 

Is that Incoming I hear?


  1. My sincere thanks for your unflagging assistance with the entire process, Raymond.

    I can't wait to give away some cash to a deserving writer. 'Tis the season!

    1. You're welcome, my friend! Glad to help. Congratulations on getting SoWrite.us.com up and running so beautifully-- and firing up this contest, Jim! Should be a good one!
      ps... Of course I expect I shall win, who can't use $50.00 for Christmas? Now, I do hope the judges agree...":)) ~R

  2. Replies
    1. hi 'the diminutive King", welcome to Incoming Bytes! YES, Jim has done a great job on putting the contest together on SoWrite, hasn't he? We certainly must consider participating! ":))

  3. Cool idea, Jim! Good luck, Raymond!

  4. Good Luck Raymond, not that you need it for I think you are an excellent writer... :-)

    1. aha..too funny....thank you so much, Sue, I did not see your comment here until today. Your faith in me must have worked...I won first prize..LOL...thank you my friend! ":)

    2. Congratulations Raymond, well done :-) just in time for Christmas! Treats! :-)

    3. Thanks, Sue! Isn't that cool? A few Christmas treats is right! Best to you! ~R

  5. I've sent my entry too! Love a chance to write for fun and reward and here it is. Easy as pie.

    1. Glory, I'm sorry I didn't see your comment either, until today. I'm glad you entered too--you are a wonderful writer, I really enjoyed your entry! ":) ~R


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