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Friday, December 2, 2011

Endangered Sea Turtles: Extinction by Economic Destruction?

Sea Turtles laying eggs in Costa Rica

At Incoming Bytes  we recognize there is economic necessity at times.  Times are tough. There are a lot of things in the world that are not pretty.  There are many, many "problems".  
As such, I have to ignore a lot of things that are wrong in the world, but  some things are just too outrageous to ignore. 

This is the theft of sea turtle eggs  that are "harvested" for sale.   It is not "just a few eggs to eat".  
We no longer have  to wonder why the sea turtle population is declining.    Words are not enough to describe this "economic necessity" in this enlightened day and age.

Pictures are worth a thousand words.

We no longer have to wonder "why" the sea turtle population is "declining".   It most certainly is not from "global warming".

It is clearly  time to find economic alternatives for these people.  Do they have any other income? Perhaps not.  
Does this make YOU angry?    These photos  made me incredibly angry. 
 Clearly they are grabbing as many eggs as they can.  To eat?  No. To SELL--thousands of them. 

At Incoming Bytes we believe it is time for  the international community to "spread the wealth" so  "harvests"   and assaults on endangered species in nature like this  one  are NOT necessary. 

I thank the *photographer and individuals that forwarded these pictures to me.  

NOTE *All photo credits are reserved for the people that took the pictures. 

that's my story and I'm sticking to it.


  1. Deeply disturbing! Certainly, sea turtles will be extinct in Costa Rica if these people don't use their heads. This looks like another example of personal greed gone "a muck." Native people usually understand the fragile balance of nature and how to manage it better than what I see here. Yet over-harvesting our oceans and other wildlife goes on all over the world. Stories like this break my heart.

  2. Raymond, I am saddened by what I have seen and read above. I am glad you have brought this to our attention! As Diana above says, disturbing indeed.

    1. Diane, it sure does look bad doesn't it? How are these people surviving economically now? As natives they KNOW the species is in danger. What is being done about it? Clearly nothing. Same with Bluefin Tuna. They will keep "harvesting" until there is nothing left. Spread the word. Thanks for commenting Diane!

    2. Christyb, thanks for visiting! I believe everyone should know about this. These turtles do not have a chance to survive if pressure is kept on the population in this manner. "Disturbing" is not the word for it. "Crimes against another species" comes to mind. Thanks for commenting! ~R


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