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Friday, December 23, 2011

Countdown: To what? Running out of Time?

Mayan Calendar- Copyrighted by Mayan Guys...

So yesterday was December 22nd,  the day the BIG countdown starts.
It was day 365 minus ONE.
Countdown eh, you ask, --countdown to what?  Are you serious, you don't know what the big countdown is?  It's not to Christmas eve,  Santa's arrival,  or even Christmas dinner. 
It's not  boxing day either, the day you have to take back all of the Don Cherry shirts, ties and socks you hate.    It's not even about the annual ordeal of sending the crusty out-laws back home.

Guess what-- it's the countdown to the end of the world again!  
The apocalypse, the bigger bang, the day everyone buys it-- if they haven't already bought it for Christmas. The world is toast.  

It's the end of the MAYAN  calendar,--- Dec. 21, 2012 AND ---THAT'S IT,--- no more, nada, zip,  if you haven't done it you aren't going to be able to do it after that date, get it?    No more shopping, no more working, playing, no complaining, no staring in wonder at the moon, and no warm and fuzzy moments in front of the open fire roasting chestnuts either.  That's it. KAPUT.

Hm...that sounds serious. Here at Incoming Bytes, we better get to it. We have a lot of stuff to talk about before then.  

I'm guessing nobody in the Mayan calendar-making business had discovered you could use both sides of the paper, but then, how eager would you be to have to write --or hack out another page as complex as the calendar in the picture--out of solid stone? Maybe he ran out of room.

Perhaps the scribe  just ran out of time himself.  Ha-ha!  Only time will tell, unless Harold Camping comes up with a new date first.

that's my story and I'm sticking to it.


  1. Well, then we best make this year count. I'll start by thanking you for your friendship, Raymond. It's been quite a pleasure knowing you. Pity we didn't get to meet in 'real' life but as we'll all be gone in less than a year's time, we'll meet up in the after life. See ya then!

  2. Ray, I might be wrong about this, but I suspect anyone who is above a fairly young age -- say, older than an adolescent -- and who buys into end-of-the-world-fantasies is most likely in need of therapeutic counseling or some other professional intervention.

  3. @Glory, it's been a pleasure knowing you also, and yes, we certainly agree it's a pity we haven't had the opportunity to meet in real life--but I'm guessing the doomsday-apocalyptic-Mayan stone calendar is a beautiful piece of artwork that took some old guy forever to chip out--but I don't think we have to worry too much about a cataclysmic end unless humanity is stupid enough to start WWIII. I'm starting a new long-term Bonsai project anyway, what does that suggest? You'll even get to see it here! ":)

  4. @ Paul, I suspect that in some ways you may be closer to the truth than you realize, but I'm thinking that issue also goes much deeper than just individual fantasy or even lunacy requiring 'professional intervention' as you euphemistically call it. [Good name for it too, ..not requiring 'political correctness, I would have just called it lunacy ! ]

    There have been 'cataclysmic, doomsday scenarios' proposed since humans were invented. In society, the propagation of 'fear has always been used for control and subjugation of the populace; what easier way to control uninformed, uneducated masses? "Instill fear--and 'be the Great Protector of the frightened'" comes to mind.

    Interestingly failed doomsday scenarios are usually revealed just as false prophets predicting them are. Harold
    Camping found that out twice this year already, as if once wasn't enough.
    As for genuine truths, that may be a totally different matter. There's a lot more to the history of earth than we are appear to be "allowed to know" so anything we are "encouraged to believe" is likely based on an agenda established a very long time ago.

    A good question might be, 'who invented the agenda' and for what higher purpose? Now the conspiracy-theorists will love it.... Regardless, I doubt very much that the end of the world is a 'date' that we have been informed of. It's too much fun guessing! Thanks for your comments, Paul! ":)


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