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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Last Post for 2011: Happy New Year !

Well, this is it...New Year's Eve.  A time for reflection, partying and revelry.

The Age of Light is upon us: 2012

I wish to thank my friends and loyal readers for keeping in touch with Incoming Bytes  since it's beginning.  We have looked at many subjects, controversial, tough, and even the mundane.  Thank you for contributing so many interesting comments . 
We intend to continue with vigour  in 2012.    With your help, we will attempt to change the world for the better and --continue to challenge our  readers to think for themselves.

Here at Incoming Bytes we wish everyone a prosperous, happy and *safe 2012.  May your families  remain strong with their faith in God,  --and  remain together in the best of health, happiness and prosperity.

We MUST bring the message of peace to the world, so let us individually and collectively pray for calm and a substantial and meaningful  dedication to peace by all nations of the world. 

Let a new spirit  of  sharing, cooperation and international healing infuse all nations. 

Let us challenge ourselves,  cast apathy aside, and DARE to change the world for the better. Let us use common sense and reason.  Let us think --if we dare.
 No matter what 2012 brings us,---
Let the Age of Light begin. 

Raymond Alexander Kukkee

One final note for 2011 !!!  This may concern one of YOUR loved ones.....

*Speaking of being safe, let us also be SMART.  Please don't drink and drive.
It  also our understanding  there have already been TWO avalanches in BC  this year that have resulted in fatalities.  
Our hearts go out to the families of those lost in these and similar tragedies.   
Let us remember them by re-visiting a post from last year about snowmobile "HIGH MARKING" --an exciting, but dangerous and often fatal sport.

If you are a skier, sportsman or snowmobile enthusiast, or have friends or family that enjoy exploring, playing and working  in the great outdoors in avalanche-prone areas, or any area where there is a buildup of snow on steep slopes of any kind,  PLEASE have them read the  following post  about a  tragedy that occurred last year, --which was UNNECESSARY. 
  Let us AVOID any repeat of this disaster.


That's my story and I'm sticking to it.


  1. Uh, don't you mean this is the last post for 2011, Raymond? And thank you very much for such poignant comments about remaining safe this evening. Happy New Year world! Let's make 2012 be one full of promise and joyous success.

  2. MJ Joachim, thanks!! That's what happens when I get in a hurry I guess. I'm glad you caught that, it is the last post for 2011 NOT 2012.
    If it was left it sure would have shortened 2012 a lot, wouldn't it?
    Regardless, let us stay safe, hold the world in promise as we progress into 2012 full of joy, success and happiness! Thanks for catching my error, M.J., and Happy New Year to you and yours!

  3. Raymond, a good reminder about being safe during the holidays. I wish you a wonderful New Year! Cheers to reading more of your posts :)


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