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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

No Comment, but...Let's make Decisions

*Winter Sunrise:  The Age of Light is upon Us

The greater realm, inherent curiosity,  the greater purpose--humanity itself --speaks to us in echoes from the past. It asks us with every sunrise  to be brave enough to  make decisions. It demands answers to problematic areas and questions of  life, you know the kind, ethics, morality,  reality,  and intent --in all aspects of our existence. 

 The big  'Why?' even occurs on occasion.  Is the answer always "because"?
 Do you find yourself saying: "I dunno, let's ask Mikey"   or  "Who do you think I am,  Einstein"? or "the devil made me do it" ?
 I don't know about you,  but there are  questions I haven't  devised ready answers for.  Yet.   Why?
 To draw important conclusions, thought must be dedicated to the process of making decisions . We actually have to train our minds to think and decide Learn how to learn.  It is not always easy. We're bombarded daily and distracted too easily with  trash, trivia, and  'important' daily  bits and bytes. 
How about you?  Can you make important decisions easily? No?    
Let's practice and begin with small stuffSmall should be easy, right?  Okay, let's start out small. Make some small decisions and specifically  practice the art of making decisions.  For now, pay more  attention to the process of making decisions rather than the decision itself.

 What does one actually do to make decisions?  Let's experiment. Make some. 
 Want pizza instead of  mac 'N cheese  for supper?    An orange instead of an apple?  Red tie instead of blue?    Turn left instead of right, take a different route home?    Recycle the garbage instead of  dedicating it to the landfill...the list goes on.  Mundane crap life DecideFeel the process.  High road or low.  Black or whiteDog or cat. Stop or go. Step on the gas, speed up, think faster.   Got enough practice yet? What did you actually do to make those decisions?  What did it feel like?
Let's move into bigger, more difficult  decisions now: 

Go to university? Get married?   Buy a car?   Get a divorce?  Change jobs?  Move across the country,  The generic: like it or not?  That one is general, larger, more complex, more difficult and takes more thought.
    Finally,  a very big question;  one about  life itself.   What exactly is your purpose in life?   Will you give in,   give up,  live a mundane life, watch the boob-tube and eat junk food forever?   Will you hold out for something better,   think for yourself, and make changes for the advancement of  humanity?  
    Will you sit back in limbo, la-la-land apathy, devoid of thought,  and accept the status quo -- or not? Decide.
Now we're getting somewhere.  A big question that actually means something. Yes, apathy affects you  even if you don't realize it --or consciously choose the lazy way out, the low road.

 Let us awaken and bring light into our lives by being positive, doing the right thing, making the right decisions.   Can we encourage  thoughtless people. mean, dishonest, and crabby to be nicer?  How about the people that tell  little white lies and progress to ugly black lies?  Can we encourage them to change their lives and tell the truth?  Can the greedy ever be convinced they can thrive otherwise?

Can we influence enough people, ultimately even putting  deviant evil itself on notice?   Yes, that evil, that systemic, encroaching  evil-- the observable pariah that plagues humanity every day.    

 We invite and encourage readers at Incoming Bytes to think for themselves, make some decisions, make some effort,  and come to the same conclusion. We can start civilization over and do things right. How about that?  All you have to do to start is decide which toppings will be on your pizza. Feels good, doesn't it?  You have taken the first step to be in charge of your own life.

  Let us use common sense  and start making change with every sunrise. Let us decide to be proactive and change one mind at a time.  Let us decide to  win with logic and reason.  Let us decide to inspire respect for all of humanity and the planet we live upon.  Let us decide to fulfill our greater purpose in life.
Can you decide if you want to see the world changed for the better?  I have decided.   I do.
Have you made any significant decisions today?  Do you find it difficult to make decisions?

Is that incoming I hear ?

*Photo credit (c) r.a.kukkee 2012 


  1. Holy cow!!! Okay, at first glance it looks like the all seeing eye, then as you look closer you have a sun pillar raising upwards instead of downwards.Then again it looks like a ufo hovering over the trees.Then below the ufo you have a very distinct orb... Quite an amazing shot!!!Quite cosmic indeed...BTW, I'll take pizza and I am very glad you made the decision to take this picture!!!
    Can't figure out what is wrong. I am signed up via email yet never get your posts as I see coming by today. I just assumed you hadn't written anything lately... :( Blessings...VK

  2. Hi VK, thanks for visiting ! On the left side of the page just above my bio pic, there's a 'sign up for email' box. Please do try signing in again and let me know via my email if it works. (rkmywest@gmail.com) There are also comment and post feeds.
    That photo is amazing and unique to say the least, unusual, isn't it? We have never seen a sunrise like this one--very curious--in some of the other shots the sun pillar is much taller.

  3. Strange RK...I tried to signup again but it won't let me so I went into my wordpress info to see if this site were in my blogs listed as being followed. It was not there. I don't know how to cancel my following either and start again. Usually I would go into wordpress and take it off my list but being as how it is not listed.....Well, don't know what to do. So it goes. I'll do the post feed whatever that is....VK

    1. Vk, on this end, I don't see your icon in the followers. You may have to add it from this end, on the open web pate, try clicking on the blue top box on this page, "join this site" again, where all the follower pics are and see what happens. It SHOULD work by adding it to your 'followed blog' list on your own site,too, but I have trouble following some WP sites too, ( Blogspot vs. WP) --- so see what happens. Curious. I hope you can follow by 'joining' this site. Thanks for trying so hard! ~R

  4. Finally figured out how to follow your blog - decision made :)

    1. Welcome! I'm glad you figured out how to follow Incoming Bytes! Good decision ! Thanks for commenting! ":)


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