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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Pyramid Power?

"El Castillo"    Mayan temple on the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico    Photo CREDIT: Hector Siliezar
A tourist with a camera  in Mexico seems to have been in the right place at exactly the right time while visiting an ancient temple built centuries ago by the Mayans. The Mayans lived on the Yucatan Peninsula and were considered to be an advanced civilization
 Hector Siliezar's timely photograph included the image of a major bolt of light emanating from the peak of   "El Castillo ",  the ancient and huge  pyramid-shaped structure.
 In the photo, a bolt of lightning is also visible  behind the 'tower of light'.

At Incoming Bytes we do have to wonder if this phenomenon is related to other strange occurrences or is this  genuine  'Pyramid power"?   

 Critics of Hector's photo suggest a glitch in cheap digital technology is responsible.  The 'light' is lined up perfectly with the camera pixels.  Is lining up an image with pixel structures in the camera "Impossible!   Of course not.

 Note the tower of light in my photograph below  too.   The tower of light is perfectly straight too.  Another pixel job but  this one with an expensive Nikon camera?  
 Not likely.  Why?   The distinctively-shaped light  'envelope'  is not  lined up   or lined up with any pixels, is it....

Unusual Sunrise  Tower of  Light      photo r.a. kukkee

  So much for the  pixel glitch  'technology' explanation.  The 'light envelope' clearly exists.  We suggest it reasonable the the "light tower' can exist too.   Our loyal readers  are encouraged to think for themselves.    

Oh, um...by the way, the top of the  'light envelope'  in my photo  is pyramid-shaped too.  How about that technological 'glitch' .... do we blame that on the Nikon too?   How about 'balls of energy' that have been seen?  More to come on that one.....

Is that Incoming I hear?


  1. The powers did not like my comment and made it go away! Ah well. That first one really looks too perfect to be real. The edges are very deliniated, unlike the second one. Who knows? Always possible, right?

    1. Welcome, doyoumeanwhatIknow, I was wondering about that too, but have you ever seen a beam of laser light? The edges are perfect, there is very little if any diffusing of light. The second photo is a fact, we took pictures of that with two different cameras at the same time, and got the same results....Interesting, isn't it? Anything is possible, I'm guessing. Thanks for commenting!

  2. Raymond these photo’s are incredible, and while the top photo does seem doctored, its only like the beams of light that you see from other light sources.. Amazing capture of the lightening .. I love your Sunrise, and the pyramid shape adds to its brilliance. We here in the UK have had some very Red sunrises recently and sunsets unusually so.. And warm weather for this time of year also... There are many things we can only speculate about, But I know that these are all part of the changes and the ‘Signs’ are being given to us daily to see.. But many still walk around with eyes closed. Wonderful post.. Blessings.. ~DW

  3. hi Sue, thanks for dropping in! Yes, I do not know about the validity of the top photo either, it's anyone's guess. There have been some unusually red sunrises such as the one in my photo--very curious. I imagine we shall 'discover' what is happening, should we be clever enough to open our minds and pay attention. ":)Thank you for your wonderful comments, and blessings to you too. ~R

  4. I take a lot of photos off of my balcony. It's westerly facing off of the third floor, so I am often treated to a spectacular light show in the evenings. I have any number of photographs that have the tower of light that you point out in yours. I have another photo by a co-worker wherein the sun doesn't appear round as it usually does, but has the spikey starred look. It's really a remarkable picture.

    1. hi Storm, it is interesting how photos turn out at times isn't it, a lot depends upon the quality of lens in the camera. I have seen 'towers' of light before as well. On this occasion, we took photos of this with two different Nikons at the same time and got the same results. The 'envelope' is curious isn't it? The 'spikey starred' look is fabulous in a photo if you're fortunate enough to catch it! Thanks for commenting! ~R


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