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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Winter Bytes

Winter sunrise 

Mid-February, and the chocolate rush is over. No more tacky heart-shaped red cardboard boxes,  thank goodness. The 76%  bitter chocolate in squares tasted just fine.

Commercialization of sweet ideas should not be allowed.  Bah humbug.  Wait, that sounds like Scrooge at Christmas.  It wasn't.  It was Scrooge at Valentine's Day;   the crusty old goat doesn't like the commercialization of sweet occasions,  the retailing of sweet traditions, or red-heart-shaped-cardboard-boxifying  romanceLove ignored the rest of the year. Scrooge loves his sweetheart all year round. Imagine that, a  real winter byte.

I have to agree with him. My relationship with my beloved is worth far more than a $39.99  heart-shaped cardboard box that will end up in the landfill the next day.
  Never mind,  it's winter and we are now free to smile happily and  contemplate winter bytes, --even if winter bites. There is always something beautiful to behold, see this?   It is natural wind-blown snow art  offered by Mother Nature herself. It seems to appear magically every winter without fail.  It sparkles in the moonlight too.  How cool is that!

Windblown Snow Art

 So all is not lost in winter after all,  whether we end up getting cabin fever and the winter blahs or not. Where shall we wander?  Out into the great outdoors, like this!

Winter tracks

At Incoming Bytes we note and appreciate all kinds of beauty, outdoors or in, whether made by nature, man, woman, or child.  Back indoors after that wonderful walkabout in the great outdoors, nature is providing her own showy, special beauty this mild winter day:

Carnation and Chrysanthemums 

 How about those bytes by Mother Nature? Carnations and chrysanthemums  sure look good to me! Way to go, Momma! 
 Man-made art shows up in winter too. Especially around birthdays.

 Oh oh...is that child genius artist at it again?   See for yourself...

Child Genius Art 

Oh, my...what a relief.  It's just the wrapping paper.  There's no rice, lentils, assorted beans or macaroni on it, attached, detached, or anywhere near. Artistic, isn't it? Macaroni-free too!

 Maybe I'll close up the paper chute on the printer just in case.   After all, we don't want any more macaroni in the printer.    Winter bytes -- al dente.   Hey, we learn fast around here.

Is that incoming I hear? 

* photos (c) 2012  wlk photography


  1. You are so right Raymond. Why spoil your sweetheart just the one day of the year. Bringing home a bunch of flowers on an ordinary day means so much more.

    Stunning pictures, especially the one with the crysantimums. I love them.

  2. Bingo, you got it, Conny! All year round! My sweetheart took all of the pics, the chrysanthemums pic is beautiful isn't it! Thanks for visiting! ~R

  3. Winter bytes are great! I think the natural forms of love and beauty you provide through your photos and writing are wonderful. The incoming is great, yet again!

    1. Christyb ! Thank you for your kind comments. Nature inspires poetry also, does she not? Clearly you are listening AND observing.Thank you for visiting! ":) ~R

  4. I was in Africa for three years near the equator. I missed the seasons. I wouldn't do without any of them.

    Great stuff.

    1. Thanks for dropping by, SibatheHat! Living near the equator offers no season at all, --I think I would miss the 4 seasons too. Thank you for your kind comments! ":)

  5. Love the snow pictures. It is as close as I intend to get to snow for a very long time...perhaps, ever. I am so ready to move home, where it only snows once a decade.

  6. haha, Red, thanks, they're Wendy's photos, we should take some more snow pics just for you, seeing how much you love it. You could have a 'cooling off' album.
    It is kind of beautiful in it's own way though isn't it? I sometimes would not mind living some place 'warm' myself! Thanks for visiting! ~R

  7. from someplace warmish, i send belated red hearts for heart month--purple hearts for all the booboos and bug bites of garden wars--pink hearts for all the ladies in our lives--blue hearts for the future flowers in the vegetable patch, and yellow hearts for your sunflowers and the yellow birds they attract..
    if i don't visit often, just wait awhile and i'll surface like a ferret out of my stack of chores and concerns..i, too, believe in everyday love. ns

  8. beautiful pictures, although I hate winter! I enjoy it from a distance, and we haven't had much of a winter this year. Almost no snow (except for that storm in October) and mild weather.

    The child genius picture is priceless. As for the chocolate, I don't need Valentine's Day as an excuse to buy or eat it...every day is chocolate day here. Perfect survival food for cold winter days :)

  9. I came back to look at the beautiful photos again. Winter really does look pretty with the snow. Take care Raymond,


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