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Friday, February 17, 2012

Political Sanctions: Punishment for Voting Democratically

Hunting Rifles  "Long Guns"
"What would she do next, haul down the ethical shorts of democracy and whip them into submission?"

Two federal politicians from Thunder Bay, Ontario have again been publicly punished for the willful  practice of  democracy.

  The two long-term members of parliament correctly and ethically voted with the Conservative majority government on a controversial government bill C-19 ---contrary to the warnings of a very unhappy and vindictive   Ms. Nycole Turmel, acting control freak  temporary leader of the New Democratic Party.

The highly-respected,  responsible long-term members of parliament supported the federal move  to dismantle and scrap the idiotic, ill-devised,  and controversial Liberal  long-gun registry, derisively called  the 'Billion-Dollar-Boondoggle.
Third and final reading and vote to  kill the registry took place on  February 15th, 2012. The vote passed.

 UnbelievablyMs. Turmel vindictively extended the  heavy-handed sanctions that she  improperly inflicted upon  MP's   Bruce Heyer (N.D.P. Thunder Bay-Superior North ) and  John Rafferty (N.D.P. Thunder Bay-Rainy River)  back in November .
 The two dignified victims of  the unwarranted sanctions logically supported C 19 on the first reading,  voting  the wishes of their constituents instead of following the NDP  "official line".

The  long gun registry unfairly targeted sportsmen, home-owners, hunters, and farmers by requiring the registration of all firearms. Failure to register  a hunting rifle, shotgun, or target rifle was deemed a criminal act.
 In Canada, a license is still  required to purchase or possess firearms, fully-automatic weapons  are banned,  and  registration of all handguns is required regardless of purpose.

All Legal handguns in Canada must be Registered

With --or without the support of  the Thunder Bay NDP  members,     Bill C19 would have passed simply because the current Conservative government holds a comfortable majority and was fulfilling a long-term promise to Canadian voters.

That glaring fact makes Nycole Turmel's  punishment appear even more blatantly stupid ridiculous and heavy-handed.
At Incoming Bytes we must conclude it's probably  a good thing  Nycole is not in the leadership race. The momentary titillation of power must have been overwhelming.

In observation in life and in politics,  there's nothing quite like running into a solid brick wall, backing up, and stupidly doing it again. Perhaps she should consider resigning;  after all.... What would  she do next,  haul down the  ethical shorts of democracy and whip them into submission?
Kind of kinky, isn't it?  .. Democracy being stifled by control freaksWhat else is new?

Is that incoming I hear?


  1. Clearly she knows what's best.



  2. hi Pearl, welcome to Incoming Bytes! Yes, apparently Ms.Turmel thinks she knows what is best for everyone and has no respect for democracy.
    "Pfffffft" is right. How perfect! Thanks for commenting! ":) ~R

  3. I think they had it partially right and mostly wrong. All handguns should have been registered, then anyone caught with one without a permit charged with unlawful possession. Long guns should be allowed. One thing about Canadian justice is that if someone breaks into your home and threatens you with a gun, if you shoot them you get charged and convicted of manslaughter or second-degree murder if they die, assault with a weapon if they live. Something wrong there!


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