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Friday, February 10, 2012

Unbelievable: MORE Nukes to be Built in the USA

Say "NO ! "  to Nuclear Plants

                                " No comment !!! ". 

Leadership in the United States of America has chosen to continue with the program of  nuclear madness. The nuclear industry has clearly been given the green light by President Barack Obama.

Perhaps the subsequent  February 9, 2012  approval of two new nuclear reactors by the  U.S.  Nuclear Regulatory Commission  is the damning evidence  so unbelievable and  outrageous  it raises the question of whether 'ordinary' citizens should even bother trying to address the issue in a reasonable manner.  

  It seems the horrific nuclear disaster at Fukushima, Japan already been  forgotten or is being totally ignored even though the  effects of the  melt-down, explosions, fires in the nuclear facilities and wide-spread, dangerously high radioactive contamination at Fukushima  are  not resolved, and will not be for  many centuries. 
The nuclear elite in North America have decided they can magically address those safety concerns'  therefore nuclear will become "safe".
 Approval for two new nuclear reactors to be built  by 2016 in Vogtle, Georgia has been given.
These 'brilliant people' have decided an earthquake can never happen in Vogtle, Georgia.  A nuclear meltdown can never happen in Vogtle, Georgia. A major leak of radioactive material can never happen in Vogtle, Georgia.    
The trouble is, clearly all of the above CAN happen.

  A tsunami could NEVER damage the nuclear reactors at Fukushima.  Cleverly-designed backup cooling systems AND SHUTDOWN SYSTEMS  can NEVER fail.   Three Mile Island could not OCCUR.  "IMPOSSIBLE! "     The horrific meltdown at Chernobyl  apparently could not happen either. 
We all know "THESE CATASTROPHES  can't happen" according to the nuclear industry,  but DID. 
Is this small, self-entitled pro-nuclear segment of humanity SO arrogant that it matters not WHAT happens to THE ENVIRONMENT AND HUMANITY ITSELF? 

CLEARLY The question of competence must be brought to bear.  Read the comments in this news article and decide for yourselves.


 Shall we now sit in silence and apathy,  and say " NO COMMENT ! "? 
Quite to the contrary.
We  believe this  decision to be irresponsible,  outrageous and unacceptable by any standards.

Clean, environmentally safe methods are already available to develop power. Nuclear plants are not necessary. The threat to the environment and humanity itself is not necessary.  
 With reasoning, authority, and leadership itself thoughtlessly  tossed to rabid nuclear dogs who delight in pushing their own greedy agenda for profit,  and are also clearly out of control,  ignoring the most basic tenets of common sense,  why should anyone express concern?

In fact, pushing logic even farther,  does the United States of America need the expense of governance and  "leadership"   that fails to act or understand the need for a major change of energy policy NOW ?

In jest:
  "Let us maintain silence, cast our embarrassed  gaze at our navels,  pretend ignorance,  fade into the sunset, and allow greedy corporate fools to run North America entirely so humanity can be irradiated for profit". 

Nuclear madness designed and perpetrated by greedy corporate interests must be addressed and halted.

The fact is, if a highly industrial country like Germany can go nuclear-free and use alternative, clean methods of production, so can the United States of America. It is time to recognize fact and have common sense prevail.

At Incoming Bytes we find it difficult to understand why these outrageous plans have so thoughtlessly been approved. To maintain and ensure a healthy environment for all of humanity is far more important than corporate greed.    This course of action is totally irresponsible. The blighted record of the nuclear industry is already more than apparent. It is deadly.  

Readers of Incoming Bytes are encouraged to think and decide for themselves.  

Is that incoming I hear?


  1. I wonder when respect for human life will dawn upon us. Seriously, what do these people get by keeping at this agenda of Nuclear plants? Oh, I get it... I wouldn't understand. The funds don't flow in my direction, apparently. If it did, I'd understand.

  2. Mandy, thank you for your concern! It seems to me there IS no respect for human life by our "leaders" and nuclear corporate North America. It is all about profit. Money. It is CERTAINLY not about leadership or the environment. ONTARIO Canada is no better, having had leaks at Pickering and Darlington plants. Ontario is going to spend BILLIONS on refurbishing plants. Total insanity, when clean alternatives are ALREADY available --and at a far lower cost. Thanks for commenting, Mandy! ~R

  3. What kind of new, clean method of power production is Germany using?

    1. Mike W, for alternative power, Germany is concentrating on solar and wind initially. Germany is very heavily industrialized and can handle that changeover, why could the US not do the same thing? New technology called the Rossi E-cat is also absolutely clean and is already in production on a Mw scale. Thanks for commenting. ~R

  4. Yeah, I wouldn't invest too much money in Rossi. Not the first time he's scammed people and he won't let anyone see how he's doing it. All he wants is more money to develop his device, which by all reports breaks the known laws of physics.

    We have an energy problem. We can't burn more coal, there are big problems with wind power and solar has a long way to go before it becomes a truly economical source of power. Geothermal is a possibility in some areas, but not all. Each alternative has pros and cons and none are an easy fix to anything.

    Now, we Obama vowing to kill the coal industry and therefore, where do we get our power? Megawatts is easy. Gigawatts is what we need. We have several options there. Coal, oil, gas, hydro or nuclear.

    I'm no fan of nuclear either, but selecting sites without earthquake potential seems reasonable.

    We get to choose our poison... or start unplugging things...


  5. Mike, I don't know anything about Rossi the man himself, but as I understand the Rossi eCat is already in commercial use. Whether it can be scaled up universally to provide enough power is another unknown isn't it. Do we need thousands of miles of expressways and whole cities lit up so much they can be seen from space? The energy focus has to be tailored to a reduced energy demand, no doubt about it. Nothing can expand forever including energy production.
    What do you do with millions of highly radioactive waste from the spent fuel which will be dangerous for thousands of years? NO area is guaranteed to be earthquake-free. I live on the Precambrian shield in NW.Ontario, supposedly the most stable piece of rock on earth--but we have faults and tremors at times. The 'nuclear pros" want to bury nuclear waste here--which is a huge mistake.

    Fossil fuels are limited, although the US has the Bakken oil deposit-- which holds billions of barrels of oil and has not been addressed. Canada's oil sands production is going to leave lesion on the face of the earth that is permanent and bigger than most states. "Choose our poison" is right. Japan has already been poisoned. Solar and wind power can power Germany cleanly --it can power us also.
    Meantime we need to get a LOT smarter and NOT allow new technology to be killed off before it comes to fruition. Thanks again for comments Mike!

  6. Hi Raymond, a great Topical post..
    I have just seen an increase in Wind power turbines here in the area I live of which I whole-heartly welcomed.. Others though in my neighbourhood wrote letters of protests and holding meetings as they didnt want Wind power for it would spoil their view.!!!... I said to a neighbour of mine sooooo you would sooner have a nuclear plant and risk radiation pouring out ..
    Thankfully the Wind Turbines went up and 5 were put up...
    WHY do people think a Nuclear plant is ok when we haven’t even solved how to deal safely with its waste products? is still beyond me..
    But then I’m not a Politian ...Because thats it.. They just don’t Think!.. And if they do.. its not with their heads!...
    Wishing you a Great Weekend..

    1. hi Sue, thank you for visiting! Wind turbines are a far safer ecological choice than nuclear any time. Solar, also perfectly safe and logical, is probably even a better choice.
      Why our politicians cannot see the error in building more nuclear plants is a mystery. We believe it is strictly for the profit involved.

      They certainly do not want the spent fuel rods,which will remain dangerous for many centuries, buried in THEIR back yards, but want to ship them to OUR area in NW ONTARIO for burial here. Isn't that lovely? I imagine similar remote areas in the US are scheduled for the same rather idiotic planning. There is no such thing as safe 100,000 year storage!
      When the nuclear plants down south melt down in an ecological disaster, polluting all of the land there, the nuclear industry will throw their hands in the air and will pretend they are innocent.
      The people of Japan are now seeing the errors of the nuclear industry come to fruition--and FOOLS in North America pay no heed. The best thing we can do is stand up and be counted, NOW. Thanks for commenting, Sue. The Age of Light is upon us.

  7. Raymond, You are bringing attention to very important issue with your blog. I want to reward your efforts and bring further attention to your space here by awarding you the Liebster Blog Award. Congratulations! The rules for the award, if you choose to accept it, are outlined in my latest blog post "Blog Love": http://poeticparfait.wordpress.com/2012/02/11/blog-love/

    1. Awe, Christyb, thanks for visiting,and for the Liebster Blog award too. We as writers should be addressing the tough issues--that ordinary people can do nothing about. At least WE can do something, even if it's only the minimal act of bringing it to the attention of more people. The decisions that are being made so carelessly will affect humanity for many, many centuries. Thank you so much for trying to bring extra attention to it, Christyb. You are clearly listening for incoming too! Thanks again for commenting! ~R

  8. I have always been against nuclear power plants knowing their potential for environmental damage. I remember the Chernobyl disaster very clearly and was horrified at the Fukushima one.

    Back in the 1970's I lived in Germany, which had started to build nuclear power plants. This did not sit well with the average citizen there, and there were many protests against nuclear energy (protesters wore buttons with orange smiley faces which read "Atomkraft? Nein Danke.") I am happy to know that no more plants will be built in Germany. I am, however not to thrilled to know that more are being built in the States. I am afraid for another nuclear disaster since I don't live far from a power plant. Solar power and wind energy are so much safer, why get power from something that can potentially kill? There, I've said my piece.

    1. Katley, thank you so much for saying your piece. I don't know many people that live near nuclear plants, but without exception, they do NOT like the ever-present danger. I was delighted to hear no more plants will be built in Germany. Germany is showing true leadership. I was very disappointed to see more plants approved for the US; Canada is also "refurbishing" plants at the cost of BILLIONS. Not smart at all -it is completely illogical. Clean energy IS available. Why do these people not get it?
      Thank you for visiting, Katley! ~R


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