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Monday, September 3, 2012

Flash Fiction: Ashes


Raymond Alexander Kukkee

 He clutched the metal container tightly to his chest as the subway car rattled into the yellow-tiled station. The swaying made him nauseous.  He began to sweat.
"Fadniicker Street Station is the only one with  high-speed pass-through directly over the valley after rush hour". He could hear his father's voice.
 "The west end of the station, It has to be there, the 7:01,  promise me! Put me there!" The voice haunted him. 
"I promise!" he whispered vehemently, thinking out loud as the brakes screamed.  The door opened.
He stood motionless on the platform, waiting, but not for long. He loosened the lid. 
The high-speed west-bound carried the shiny metal container and dead man, spreading a cloud of ashes into the brilliant sunlight over the valley.

 Is that Incoming I hear?

 "Ashes" with a word count of  125 squeaks neatly into Red's M3 Flash Fiction Challenge limit of 125.


  1. This left me ashen faced. Great job as alway, Raymond!

    1. Thanks for the kind compliments, Mac, it seems flash fiction always leaves something on the mind or on our faces--hopefully nothing too gross...":) ~R

  2. Replies
    1. Hi Storm, sometimes they're bad stuff aren't they-one never knows. Thanks for commenting! ":) ~R

  3. A wish that was granted
    and what a backdrop for
    such a wish...

    Nicely orchestrated my friend...


    1. I suppose this might be considered horror in some ways, Androgoth? Last wishes hold a lot of power over people. Thanks for the great compliments and visiting! ~R


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