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Monday, September 3, 2012

Flash Fiction: Dinner

Raymond  Alexander Kukkee

"Table for two?"  the elderly, wizened waiter asked graciously. He grandly tucked two maroon menus under his arm in anticipation.
"Table for four, actually" said  the lady in front, primping her hair haughtily. Her escort  silently skulked in the shadows .
"Do tell, Princess, and when shall the Royal  party be joining you?" the waiter asked kindly, choosing an additional two menus.
"Sir John and  his bimbo  shall undoubtedly be late, as usual," the woman sniffed "just in time to destroy my dinner as they always  have done..."
"As you wish,  your Majesty" the waiter smiled  wryly. "The Royal  table is waiting".
The man following grimaced and surreptitiously slipped a folded bill  to the waiter as he  returned the unneeded menus to the desk.


'Dinner'  at 125 words  precisely meets Red's  M3 Flash Fiction Challenge and the 125 word limit.

Is that Incoming I hear?


  1. This was quite cleverly done. Bravo!

    1. Thanks, Storm! "Delusions of grandeur" have to be pandered to at times...":) ~R

  2. I am just calling by this evening to read your FTP entries, this one is a gem my friend, indeed you are only one of three people at M3 that completed the whole list so congratulations on that fine effort.

    Do have a most exciting evening and enjoy the rest of your week also...


    1. Androgoth, thanks for the fine compliment. Much appreciated! Yes, one of three, it was quite a push to be that creative all at once...LOL
      You have a great evening too, and thanks again for your kind compliments! ~R

  3. I only wrote two for Red's FTP but I will be completing the whole list for the next one, I mainly write horror but on occasion I have tried alternative genres, of which have been gratefully received on my Space, I guess that some peeps just don't like a good scream :)

    Have a fun evening Raymond :)


  4. Androgoth, it's a good idea to try alternative genres--it's good practice and you may surprise yourself! Horror is one genre I do NOT write--isn't that interesting? I may have to try IT too. Have a great evening! ~R


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