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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Flash Fiction: Splash

Raymond Alexander Kukkee

"Just a  splash of  Vermouth in that, honey." she whispered, leaning forward. The ample breasts heaved.
She hiked her blouse strap back up her shoulder. "Dammit! " she said out loud, giggling.
The bartender watched, then tilted the bottle over her glass.
"Shhhsh" he said.  "My boss is watching, don't ruin the ambience."
"Just a little splash" she reminded him, with her fingers two feathers apart as he went to pour it.
She stuck a finger  in the glass and tasted it. "Just another little splash, honey" she said.
"Whassamatter, can'cha pour a little splash?" she asked wavering. "Just another little splash." 
 He poured.
 "Taste it, you taste it now", she ordered.
"Perfect!" he said, smiling, "it's perfect!".
 " You're hired,  Mr. Blaine,  start tonight!".  


Is that Incoming I hear?

'Splash' precisely meets Red's  M3 Flash Fiction Challenge at  a word count  of 125.


  1. Ample breasts heaving and no comments yet? Well you have certainly written a nice FTP here my friend and the imagination is heightened in the process, who said that short stories are dull? lol


    1. Imagination fires the mind, Androgoth! Better keep the eyes closed...no, wait,that's even more dangerous at times...":) ~R


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