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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Flash Fiction: Check

 by Raymond Alexander Kukkee

"Check your gun, Mister?...'Ya gotta check it "  the weak voice wavered.
"I don't hand my .44  to anyone without  asking why".
"It's just a rule, this here hotel has rules, it's the finest hotel in  Dodge"
"I don't just follow rules, I  make it my business to  ask 'why?' "
"That is what I asked, isn't it...."
The clerk shrugged.  "I dunno,....that is, ...I dunno."
The .44 clicked and the clerk's eyes widened.
 "Then get outta my face, boy"  the unwashed man indicated the revolver.  He spun the cylinder.
"Please Mister, you don't have to do that".
 The man turned, an ugly scowl on his face.
The clerk gasped in relief as the door closed behind the dusty cowboy. 

Is that Incoming I hear? 

   "Check" at a word count of  122,   meets Red's M3 Flash Fiction Challenge word count limitation of 125.


  1. All I have to say is 'get out of Dodge!'... You write flash fiction, poetry, political information... you have a variety to your writing and it's great Raymond.

    1. hi Christyb! Thanks! I 'm practicing various genres just to push the limits. We'll see how successful it becomes. ":) "Christyb wants you out of Dodge by sundown, Mister!" ":)) ~R

  2. The clerk had a lucky escape there,
    perhaps next time he will think twice
    before asking such a rugged character
    to check his revolver? :)


  3. He sure did, Androgoth! There could have been lead flying all over the place there! ":) ~R


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