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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Flash Fiction: Lightning

Raymond Alexander Kukkee

Icy water spattered his back as he tightened bolts on the anchor. The ground shook, making the cables sing every time thunder rattled the sky.
"Get a move on, Bob, wind's up! "  the impatient foreman shouted from the truck.
 The sky darkened as the new cable swung eerily in the wind.
"We have to tension it!" Bob yelled. "It's too loose!"  
Heavy rain started, lashing the hilltop viciously.
"Damn you!  Forget it!   the foreman snarled. "Tomorrow!"
"She'll  come down if we don't tighten it!" Bob yelled, approaching the truck.
Lightning crackled, lighting the steel twisting grotesquely  in the wind .
Bob pulled the foreman clear as the tower crashed, flattening the truck cab.
"See?"  Bob said.
"I see now" the foreman said, shuddering. "Thanks..."   


Is that Incoming I hear?

'Lightning' meets M3's Flash Fiction Challenge precisely  with exactly 125 words.


  1. Looks like I'm not the only one doing flash fiction these days, Raymond...

    Nice story!

    1. Hi M.J., thanks. As they say, "we do what we want to, then we do what we have to". haha! ~R

  2. Hey RK....Good one and you seem to be enjoying this...I will admit I so miss your tales about home life and pix. One day soon again maybe...I hope all is well up there with the INCOMING fall....A few random trees have begun to shift their colors here. Still being overwhelmed with tomatoes! I have to look up different way to store them. I have spaghetti sauce coming out my ears in the freezer.I hope all is well. Take care and stay in the light beam....VK

    1. Hi Vk, thanks, the Flash fiction is a little series, I'm guessing that's about it for the time being. Strange you should mention tomatoes, ours are just coming in...we, too, will be figuring out what to do with this bounty. You'll soon see..stay tuned.....':) ~ R

  3. This is another excellent FTP Raymond and thank you
    for offering such fine examples of your writing my friend :)


    1. Thanks,Androgoth! Kind comments are always appreciated! Welcome to Incoming Bytes too! ":) ~R

    2. Thank you my friend, and as the Terminator always used to say 'I'll be back', corny I know but with an honest edge...



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