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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Let's Start 2012 Right: Read THIS...

2012:   The Age of Light is Upon Us
WELCOME to 2012 !!!  Happy New Year!

At Incoming Bytes,  I must admit that I am always inspired by great writing.  Excellent writers, aware of it or not, are my mentors--and my heroes.   No matter what genre,  I enjoy good writing, and that includes intriguing, wonderfully-written professional blogs I have discovered.  

Some are genuine diamonds  I have happily stumbled upon, but interestingly, many of the BEST  are written by good friends in my writing circles.
There are many blogs out there --and clearly, I cannot list them all, but in this new year, we will continue to enjoy the best.
  For 2012, let's start out right with some wonderful reading recommendations.

  • Let's learn to enjoy natural life more by reading  a wonderful gardening blog  Glory's Garden  by our very  own  gardening zeitgeist Glory Lennon. 
Whether  writing  about vegetables, flowers, discussing sugar-maple trees, or displaying exotics from Florida,   Glory's  exciting love for all things growing will keep you interested and coming back for more.    At times Glory  travels about, photographing exotic flowers and plants for us, and shares her wonderful photos of wildlife,  birds -and dragons.   Well, okay, those were alligators, but Glory is a princess too,  so what? 

  •     If you are intrigued by farm life, green acres covered with lush green grass,   bouncing lambs, big woolly sheep, majestic chickens and other aspects of farming wisdom, read Julie Helm's  Woolly Acres for a closer look at  where eggs come from,  how they turn into chicks when hatched, what very high-quality  natural wool looks like, --and even how to propagate meal-worms as a source of protein for chicken feed! 

  • Learn about all kinds of  human intricacies. follies, and  relationships, and why they fail,  by checking in with the incredible wisdom  and common sense of Ann Marie Dwyer   at 'Mommas Money Matters' -that's  M3 for short.   
Ann Marie,  a.k.a." Red ", --a  savvy, prolific writer, --is a saucy, brilliant  blogger that asks,  analyzes, and gives you information you need;  then she asks leading and often  pointed questions of you --and tells you so much MORE about yourself.  Red wants to talk to YOU, so follow M3 carefully and participate ! 
 Red  even turns the spotlight on you whether you are an author, accomplished photographer, or budding musician. She asks the right questions, --and gets the right answers for her readers. Bottom line?
" M3 and Red....Resistance is futile. You will be assimilated into M3 and love it! " comes to mind.
  • At Incoming Bytes  everyone knows that  "We like  Camping Better" , and there's no better place to read about camping,  camping stories,  or about exploring  the beautiful Adirondacks  --than by checking in with  Jim Bessey's Just Camping Out  while you enjoy that first cup of coffee in the early morning  on the back porch or beside a crackling campfire.  --Whether it be  winter, summer, spring or fall.  --Whether you camp in classic vintage RV --or a two-man tent under the stars, --Jim encourages  enjoyment of camping because Mother Nature offers a peaceful state of mind!        Get out into the great outdoors with Jim Bessey's JCO --and you'll soon discover why we like camping better!

  • If you love the excitement and  big roar of NASCAR instead, you'll enjoy following Alexandra Heep's 'A Heep of NASCAR'  for the real inside scuttlebutt on drivers, races, the pits, and the love of  racing itself. 
Alexandra knows this exciting sport inside and out.  She has the post position  and a real insider's   track; she knows many drivers, offers backgrounders, keeps the pedal to the metal  and  asks the right questions --for you.  Follow Alex's  blog  "A Heep of NASCAR " ---and  start your engines !   In fact, after the races, you might want to check out Alex's "A Heep of Everything" too !

  •  In the quiet, early morning Eastern sky, watch a true star shining brilliantly  in the skies over the desert of Oman as you enjoy Amanda Dcosta's  Mandy's Pages  to find out what's hot, and what's not.   
 A wonderful writer with the love of poetry and all literature,   Amanda Dcosta's  blog takes an insightful look into literature of all kinds poetry, blog posts,  writers,  and even reviews new books --like my own recently-published   eBook, "Morgidoo's Christmas Carol", a  new Christmas classic published in Smashwords  and Kindle.

  • "The dignity of ANY human being is measured in self-esteem and  perception of self-worth. Every human being is worthy of love --and to be treated with respect and dignity."    
Want to learn to be a more effective human being? Visit  M.J. Joachim's Effectively Human ' where faith, the love of God, human dignity and self-worth are not only treasured, but discussed and  promoted  brilliantly by M.J.  herself as well as guest authors and regular contributors.
 Truths about humanity, faith, and today's  difficult and controversial social mores  invariably come out,-- and this insightful resource  site is offered to help the reader better understand hot-button issues,  real human values, families, --and how to be a human being more effectively.

As an avid reader interested in a wide variety of aspects of life, I enjoy excellence in blogs and articles of all kinds and treasure the incredible wealth of information often included in them.  Nuggets of wisdom free for the taking.

  • The possibility of finding gold  anywhere in  North and South America and other countries can be explored by reading John Angus Carter's very successful --and highly-informative Gold, Mining and Prospecting blog.  
Over 90,000 readers have already explored the nuggets of information in this amazing blog, and you can too.   
Find out where to find gold, the secrets of panning for gold, --and  you can even sign up for  the John Angus Carter School of prospecting!

The list goes on,  if life is  really to be enjoyed ! 

  • If you are city-oriented by heart  and don't care for being out in the  wilds,  look at the life of a writer from high-rise cosmopolitan Toronto, Ontario.    See what Conny Manero has to say in her blog, Under the Toronto Sun.   You will be entertained and surprised! Conny, a published author, has an amazingly honest,  accurate and unique way of "cutting to the chase" about everyday life.
  • How is your ongoing sense of humor?  Want to be amused, informed, and also discuss issues as serious as the  'religion of misogyny " ?    Check in with Rachel Howells  Lala's Musings!     Rachel offers a beautifully-written blog with cutting insight--and hilarious sarcasm --into family life, human nature and it's folly, fun, and idiosyncrasies.  Rachel pulls no punches discussing serious issues -- and tells it like it IS. 
  • Last but certainly not LEAST,  if you are scribbler of any sort;  a dedicated writer, author, or blogger, you already know, or are quickly discovering, that writing is a serious  business.   
Creative work or otherwise, Doreen Martel's  brilliant approach to writing as a business  on her website  "Freelancing and More" is an incredibly good website and includes much must-read  information for all writers.  
  Doreen  insists  she is not a "creative" writer--but her website and handling of the  tough subject matter  at hand is not only creative --but incredibly smart , timely, and informative.   Check out "Freelancing and More" and you'll soon see how Doreen's approach can help you. 

At Incoming Bytes  I realize that all good blogs and web sites cannot  possibly be listed in this post;   there are  many, many more insightful and entertaining blogs  that should be included.
--Wonderful writing by thoughtful, brilliant writers -- entertaining, informative -- a great read for 2012. 

Add these first to your 'follow' lists, or subscribe FREE by email --you won't be sorry you did! 

It is our fondest hope that we have brought something to the fireside that YOU will enjoy!

This first day of 2012,  here at Incoming Bytes -- we will  continue to explore, question, offer alternative thought --even criticize where required --and encourage you, the reader, to think proactively if you dare.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it.


  1. Now, there you go again. Yes, it is an intimate place to network, read, learn, discover and have a good cuppa. I hope all the bloggers you listed will come plant a link in the Green Room.

    Oh, just because I did not see it on arrival...Where is your 7 x 7?


  2. I'm hoping everyone does the same, plant links everywhere. 7x7 ?

  3. Raymond thanks so much for the mention, I'm honored to be counted among the handful of great blogs here! Happy New Year to everyone!

  4. Doreen,a "mention" hardly suffices as praise for superbe work on for your excellent website! You continue to provide invaluable information--and do it VERY well! You are SO welcome, and Happy New Year too!

    @Red--that goes for YOU too! A GREAT blog and constantly high quality, a thought-provoking read!


  5. Oh, what a nice surprise, thank you!

  6. You did a wonderful thing here Raymond, giving us all some exposure. I'm very pleased to be mentioned. I had to laugh about Glory's majestic chickens though. I've seen majestic mountains and even majestic horses, but majestic chickens ... that's a new one.

  7. @ Alex, your excellent blog deserves much more exposure. I am proud to include your work-and I'm looking forward to reading more!

    @ Conny, we need to see more of your blog, your unique voice out of Toronto. I lived there for 7 years a long time ago, and the style of your blog SO reminds me of city life. NOT a bad thing!
    I believe those were actually Julies' majestic chickens, but clearly if they were Glory's chickens, they would have to be majestic AND royal, since she's a princess... ":) Roosters and chickens do have a dignified, elegtant and royal air about them as they strut around, if one is able to study them long enough...":))
    Thank you for your wonderful comments!

  8. hello again, on my first visit in awhile, i discover some new sites here..i was well acquainted with your faithful friends, and can see why they are so inspiring..
    wishing you a productive AND satisfying new year of informative writing..i send literary love to all of the above until i peruse the selected writer's offerings, your lazy winter minded friend, ns

  9. @ Nadine,you ARE around, I am so glad to see that! I haven't seen any posts lately, but I enjoy "Last Known Nest" so much. Your writing voice is SO unique, I await more posts very patiently, knowing they will be wonderful!
    I don't imagine you have been hibernating, just distracted with life temporarily? I do wish you a very Happy New Year--a prosperous and creative one too! Write well, my friend! ":)

  10. Pst. You won the 7x7 @ M3... http://mommasmoneymatters.wordpress.com/2011/12/30/7x7a/

  11. Red, you never fail to surprise me! I must apologize,I completely missed that important post "Bright,Shiny and Starry".

    I may have been blinded by polka-dots, eating too many cookies with M&M's on them, or having the eyes closed during the snoozing after the cookie-tin was empty, or by the reflections of the multi-coloured non-recyclable glitz from the Christmas wrapping paper and decorations, -combined with the blinking lights, yes--that must be it.

    I do thank you for the 7x7 Link Award, it is an honour and a privilege to be handed an award by a distinguished award winner herself,-- and this is definitely the Brightest, Shiniest, and the Stariest award I have ever won.
    Psst...This is also a great day to find out about it since we are getting a soggy snowstorm ! Much appreciated! Thanks Red ! ":)


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