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Friday, January 20, 2012

2012: Is that Incoming I hear?

The Age of Light is upon us...
 Incoming, --frozen solid, or moving in, one at a time?
New Year's Eve  is  a distant memory and January is more than half used up already. The unusually mild winter did a nasty to all January sun-lovers including us here at Incoming Bytes, changing  our freakish snow-laden banana-belt sauna-weather to a more realistic  and politically-correct Canadian January with dry, brutal cold.  It's almost enough to freeze your tongue to a steel pipe, don't you think so?
The garden and bonsai are stored snugly, cozy as can be under a blanket of snow. How lucky for them.   

 It is -33C  ( -27.4F)   today; --that is without any wind.    It was -25C yesterday with a vicious wind--yet in the unheated  sunny greenhouse it was an amazing 5C
+(41F)   ...that's almost banana-land warm, sans beach  and iced tequila Sunrise.....imagine that.
Out in the "outerworld,", the real world, -- you know the quaint place where the REST of the world exists?   There are many things happening.
 Earthquakes. FloodingFamine.
 Strange underground noises, um....hums, buzzes and shake-ups  too.  Let's draw the  government-supplied  Roswellian window-shades. If we don't look, The truth is not out there. um....ok,,,,um...ok...ding-dong, you're wrong, The Age of Light is upon us....
Shifting earth crustal-bustals.  Tsunami, real Japan-movers.  North poles going south.   Islands rising in the sun just for fun.
 Solar and brain flares are disrupting  electronics, harmonics  and logic. What's that, you say?  Illogical, you say?   Haarp, the Harold angels Zing us with vapour trails delight;
 Political unrest, demonstrations  and nasty riots instead of  quiets.
 International tension-mentions of  nuclear threats, to  positing aircraft carriers in a genuine fear of war games and strange, apocalyptic  joy at the prospect of inevitable and uncontrollable war games.  Fill  the Strait of Hormuz with the crooked scorched bones of lunatics,  pave the parking lots with glass, shall we insist, resist or desist? Nuclear ready or not, here we come....
Totally insane, greedy leaders of itchy,  pseudo-religious miserable self-declared self-righteous countries acting  like they've been out in the sun far too long -because they have been out in the sun for far too long.
  Invest, protest and re-test  for Collective, unsurpassed madness and profit in the radioactive Middle East Oil patch.   Hatch a new radioactive plan to do everything radioactively.  
Redefine  mutant civilization?  That’s fine. Drink Iodine.
Camp out, Occupy  this, economic recession to  big Depression,  dangerous repression of civil liberties world-wide.
Wikipedia blackouts?  Ugly SOPA-box....
Legislated PIPA, vibes of Internet Big Brother sticking his nose in the business of scribes? 
Seems like a normal day to me.
But wait....what is really Incoming? 

that's my story and I'm sticking to it


  1. Haha the post went from weather to SOPA.. I want to go to banana-land (I just like the funny way it sounds!). Well done Raymond, nice to read another Incoming Bytes post :)

  2. ChristyB, you are invited to share this side of banana-land anytime, it's great! Actually, we ALL live in banana-land, but in mine it's -36C here this morning! Total lunatics run the place it seems... All the way from the big universal war machine to the extremities of the bizarre there are OTHER strange things we may observe but carefully avoid recording.
    Got any strange noises out on the island? Seen any weird stuff? Got any mad wannabe dictators out there? Got bananas? All of that stuff is the new "normal day" in banana-land now. Thanks for commenting! When my friend ChristyB from Poetic Parfait speaks, I really do listen ! ":)

  3. Today my daughter returned from school with news that somewhere up on the mountains (they were announced at school) it had snowed and the temperature dropped to -2C. It's happened before so I believed her. The news doesn't really say much about it other than snowfall was expected. But the weather has turned terribly chill for those of us who are used to temperature ranging from 25-35C. I wore my jacket on to church this evening, but by the time I stepped out of church, the wind was howling like crazy, and the temperature which is supposedly 10-11C seemed even less. This jacket wasn't enough... and like most of those who stepped out of church, I was left standing by the road 'shivering' with no taxi in sight to take me back home. I had to walk back half the distance before I managed to finally get a taxi and shut the cold air out until I reached home. This is the nearest I can get to a 'cold weather' report from Oman, from personal experience.

    1. Mandy, I'm not really surprised to hear there is unsettled weather like that. I'm guessing we can expect almost anything--anywhere. The weather being that cold in Oman must have been quite a surprise! Do stay warm! Thanks for commenting!

  4. Sounds like you fell asleep with the 24/7 news report. Thanks for the rundown on why I completely fail at watching the boob tube!

  5. Red, you have it exactly right.
    Every time we watch the news-boob-tube 99" wide-screen, we see endless foolishness, the news media pumps out silly ground-shaking nothings one after the other. Endlessly. It's enough to make anyone pass out.
    If you do fall asleep, no problem. The only thing different will be your coffee is cold --unless you have a troll at the door selling Troll Mold Cookies or Soylent Green crackers.

    On the positive side, other than news, incoming KEEPS coming, so there's always something foolish-interesting-idiotic-amazing-hilarious-flabbergasting, almost-news, before it's news or definitively mundane crud to ponder and to write about.
    Btw, that's one of the reasons I digress and revert to bonsai and other "ordinary" subjects at times. They keep me awake. I wouldn't want to miss any GOOD incoming....I better prop the eyelids open with toothpicks! Red, as always --thanks for visiting ":))


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