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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Incoming 2 : Get out the Shades

The Age of Light is upon us  (Solar flares and all)

My genius friend  Terrence Aym ( Write on! )  always seems to inform us of the  most interesting stuff.   It's always something good.  

This time he's onto something big --yet again, and in a timely manner. As our loyal readers know, at Incoming Bytes  I'm always paying attention to see what IS incoming  so I can  just stare at it,  duck into the bunker,  or take evasive action.
 Guess what, today's the day there are supposed to be wicked geomagnetic storms. 
I wonder if it will warm up our -36C  (-32.8F)  and start the flowers blooming? 
Being January 21st we won't hold our breath, but maybe we'll get out some cool antique Elvis Presley shades for the show, nice polarized ones.
Why? Because on January 19th there was a huge solar flare, ---an M3-class -kaflooie -gesundheit  by the sun herself. 
 The old girl sneezed right at us.   We may catch something.
Here comes the disaster disruption apocalypse M3 class snot sun, it's all right, it's all right...as the old song goes.

Let's not worry about it.  If you want to read more about this epic event, courtesy of Terrence --who invariably and happily scoops us on all things scientific and interesting,  just click on the link he left  us:

That was from www.space.com   which may be out in space.
If the link doesn't work, it might already be too late.  Just put on the coffee and read this article again to put in time.
  That oughta help distract us from our naturally-evolved state of fury and  worry.

Let's keep in mind this is all scientific  unbelievable hooey sun- stuff.  Do you believe in scientific  sun-stuff? 
No matter how it turns out, thanks, Terrence!

Is that Incoming I hear? 

That's my story and I'm sticking to it.


  1. Hi, Raymond, Plasma Rays have been hitting the Earth at one strength or another for quite some time, however this is set to be one Big storm.
    At least one satellite has already been knocked out of action by the storm. Japan's space agency said its Kodama communications satellite had been temporarily shut down after malfunctioning.
    Experts said it was the strongest flare seen in the past 30 years. The explosion caused a coronal mass ejection (CME) which is now speeding towards Earth.
    Although the charged particles present no direct danger to people on the ground, they could have a devastating effect on electrical equipment.
    The energies have been charged around our Earth for a while Raymond and I have felt its affects as dizzy light-headed and spaced out.. sleeping patterns broken too... lack of concentration,.. It can also affect Moods.. Just the like pull of the Moon... and thats a known fact..
    Great that you are keeping us informed with such info too...
    I had a great Meditation today as I sent out.. so feeling charged again :-)
    Have a good rest of the Weekend now.. ~ Sue Dreamwalker

  2. hi Sue Dreamwalker, sometimes I have to wonder if solar flares (CME's) and the like DO affect the brains of human beings -there is certainly enough lunacy around to justify wondering. Have you ever noticed that sunny, hot countries seem to have the most prevalent and violent societal unrest?
    Is that really from being out in the sun too long? That will make one light-headed, no doubt about that.
    I wonder if that supercharging of the energy fields around Mother Earth really has been the cause.
    Clearly meditation is helpful--clearing the mind is always a good thing.May we think kind thoughts and recharge as we must. Thank you for commenting ! ~R

  3. In the end, it is what it is. What is a person going to do? I think I'd rather go in a flare of light than some other horrible way like a tipped over cruise ship, for example. I am still shuddering at the thought of those poor people trapped on that sinking ship. Interesting post Raymond! More things to plague me... (kidding ;-)

  4. Rachel, thanks for visiting! I don't think we should stress over that which we have no control. A zap of light, all we need is shades. To put things into perspective, two hundred years from now, allowing leeway for improvements in longevity, every human being in existence at this moment will be dead, whether we stress about it or not. May as well have fun, cruise ship or not ! Thanks for commenting! ":)

  5. What is with this weather?! Get out the shades is right Raymond. I want to seek recluse in banana-land, is that too much for a gal to ask? Great post Raymond, my wonderful writer friend!

  6. Enter banana-land ChristyB, my Poetic Parfait genius, if this post was written as a poem, how would you analyze it? What would your conclusions be? I know, you would put on the shades, seek recluse in banana-land, and no, btw, that's not too much for a gal to ask.
    Our weather, as Rachel says, " is what it is" and it may be a hilarious zap of light.
    I don't think we REALLY have much to say about it ultimately , although we are saying a lot about it, because, yes, this really is banana-land where it warmed up to -20 this morning! Hot coffee will fix it.
    Thanks for commenting, and out in banana-land we are still listening to ChristyB! ":)


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