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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Incoming: Iranian or Korean Missiles in Venezuela?

*Missile Launch   
 Is there really such a thing as a dangerous been there, done that,  a.k.a. deadly deja vu? 

Here at Incoming Bytes I like to touch on important strange subjects at times. Interesting ones, timely gamesmanship, and even dangerous ones, the unthinkable.  How about left-overs,  whispers from the past, ghosts subjected to alarm bells by  frazzled  worry-warts, the realistic and wary? 
Back in May, 2011  the Washington Times reported Iran was playing with the idea of a missile base in Venezuela. Right there in Hugo's back yard,  reportedly,  was to be built a recreational playground  missile base for  smiling Hugo himself mid-range rockets, capable of going "kaflooie!" and reaching the United States of America.  That would be with the approval of  smiling Hugo himself.

It's not news as such that N. Korea, complete with unknown, untested, --and perhaps even unstable  venerable leader has nukes.
It is a contemporary international  guessing game whether  Iran will soon have them too, but no matter.   WMD  to be or not to be, been there, done that, --but  that is not the question.

 The question must be, would the  arrogant Hugo Chavez  help the itchy  international  rogue state of Iran ---or even starving,  nuclear-equipped North Korea use the missiles to deliver nuclear warheads to the continental United States? 
Theoretically they  could use mid-range missiles  to deliver nuclear warheads and cause a real headache if one or more of the nasty gadgets actually works and the steering is aimed correctly both with malice and intent.  Neither of the players is on "our" side.   
So, is  Iran  placing short-range missiles in Venezuela with the approval of Hugo Chavez,  or is the Iranian madman's eternal flap a ruse to distract the world while  N. Korea quietly  places nukes  in Venezuela? We know they 'work' together.  Do they 'play' together too?
Is Hugo pretending nobody will notice ?
The Stonegate Institute seemed to be pretty concerned already back in 2010.
 Was this, or is this, another "Cuban missile crisis wannabe?"
Has President Obama got his eye on Hugo playing 'big boy' in Iran's Venezuelan playground?--- Or is it really a serious Korean workshop covered by Chavez's  gaming, devious subterfuge?
Shall we listen?  Is this news in the making or just another hiccup in an already contentious world ?    Just a thought -- while  North America is sound  asleep or  pretending to be.   

Is that Incoming I hear?

*photo originally from Military Strategy Page


  1. Ohhh you are so right !!..the games that are being played....There is a bigger plan unfolding before our eyes..even if we see it playing out, I think we are merely the pawns. :(

    1. Olivia, thanks for visiting! There are games being played out internationally all of the time. The games politicians and insane 'leaders' play affect ALL of humanity negatively.

      This very small number of individuals with a lot of power and over-inflated egos can inflict a horrific amount of damage upon civilization.
      This particular 'game' is one 'deception' I sincerely hope I am wrong about, --Iran and Korea are allies, and Chavez is clearly anti-American. The big picture is NOT as it seems.

      You are right on though -ordinary pawns in this game R Us--and the arrogance of leaders and their crazy governments world-wide leaves the world vulnerable to their deviate behavior and madness.

      I guess only time will tell. Let us keep the faith! Thanks for commenting! ~R

  2. Raymond, while you talk of Iran, Korea, and Chavez, I think once again about the power struggles. I agree with Olivia that ourselves we hold little power in the grand scheme of things. Perhaps we can pick up a piece of power along the way by paying attention to the 'incoming'.

    PS Thanks for the info about the copyright. Please let me know what year your poem "Silver Drops" was written so I can add copyright to my related post on Poetic Parfait.

  3. Christyb, yes, individually we hold little power in the grand scheme of things, collectively we hold a LOT more. We do need to pay a LOT more attention to what our leaders are doing, and why.
    I think being aware of what is 'incoming' politically and internationally is critical to the survival of civilization as we know it.
    Why? Without exception, It seems the monkeys are in charge of the zoo out in banana-land, driving the rest of the population in directions the majority of human beings do NOT want to go.
    Perhaps Poetic Parfait,-which is a wonderful forum -- might even address some of these issues in poetry itself? I will forward the (c) date for Silver Drops as requested. Thanks for visiting, Christyb !

  4. Raymond, You are quite right about the 'monkeys'! I am wondering if they are eating too many bananas...
    Poetic Parfait has not explored political issues as of yet, but I appreciate the suggestion for the future. I am listening.
    Keep up the great work and informing us about important matters.

  5. Thanks for commenting, Christyb! Sometimes political issues char the soul--worthy topics for prose or the Poetic Parfait treatment... ":)

  6. escalation works mostly in a destructive direction..with over 180 bases worldwide in every strategic backyard, it is difficult to imagine not being aware of the movements of other countries. satellites are on duty 24/7.

    what response is being built to the vast expansion of global militarism is cause for worry--but--no time for anxiety.. peaceful means must be implemented to appease the nervous nations..i always say that reducing energy needs and imports, like oil and nuclear technology..and filling bellies by educating the needy in production and conservation..all may contribute to a saner world..toes crossed..

    1. Nadine, exactly! It is a curious conundrum that a very FEW individuals, the so-called "leaders" are dictating the future of humanity in their foolish bid to maintain power and ego.
      You are correct in that peaceful means mus be implemented and put into common practice -fear and hunger are destablizing factors in our world--conservation, more reasonable use of all global resources and sharing would go a long way to contributing to sanity. Thank you so much for commenting!

  7. Hi Raymond the Game is set as the Chess pieces are manoeuvred to start the Game... and we as always are the Pawns.. .. Many I think now Raymond are beginning to awaken and as they do let us hope that we can change the Darkness that is so set to destroy ~Sue Dreamwalker

  8. Suedreamwalker, it seems ordinary people are subject to manipulation en masse --for the negative values where insanity reigns. The Age of Light is upon us--hopefully all shall be aware and make necessary changes. Thanks for visiting, Sue! ~R


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