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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The 7 X 7 Link Award goes to .....Incoming Bytes!

The prestigious 7x7 Link Award
Here at Incoming Bytes  on a recent post, a curious  comment  was received  that included the question: 
" Where is your 7x7 ? " 

'Huh?  You mean my 4x4?  My rusty old JeepOut in the yard ' I thought to myself.  VERY rusty, too, ...but nothing a nice shiny Ford  2012 F150 4x4 couldn't fix.  Oops...a little digression there.

  "Pssst...you won the 7"x7" !

I thought it might have been just another crank comment except for the fact that the "Pssst"  was from Red herself.   That's Ann Marie Dwyer --to those that don't already recognize her as the prolific, quintessential blogger at M3.   
It being just after  New Years,  and all,  --which is getting awfully close  to April Fool's Day if you hang around celebrating long enough, it immediately caused seven degrees of paranoia  suspicion  and an automatically-elevated eyebrow,  I hastened to gulp some searing-hot coffee just in case.  Wake up, man!   Destiny awaits!  Was it the really the 7x7   --would that be the big lottery, finally, the Super 7? 
Red is known to have a sense of  humor.   

Finally seeing a picture of the  7x7  with stars  and fireworks on it. but no wheels or dollar signs,  I was  even more paranoid  suspicious, what would stars and fireworks have to do with April Fool's Day --that wasn't even here yet? 

Alert readers, you can understand my predicament! Not being  any better informed,  we shifted  into default mode, put the pedal to the metal, palpitating and researching 7x7's,   49'ers ,  7/7's  and 1/7ths, just in case.  
Heavy research. Big time stuff.  Internet mayhem.  Scrambling. Google and such.

Now everyone is aware  of that  help-you-escape-from-anything mode  --4x4,--  find'em, grind'em,  pure  gas-sucking power.  It allows you to muddle, dawdle,  diddle,  and doodle, wandering aimlessly through the deepest muck and doodoo  research  with the greatest of ease.  We  didn't waste any time.  
Be it known that we're fearless (unless the ruts are deep and full of water and alligators )so,  roaring and grinning  with much bravado, 4x4 asked Red :  
"What's that?"   
Whoever said men can't ask directions was right, but we ask for information shamelessly  if we have absolutely no other choice, it's dark outside, and nobody's looking.  I digress. 
We soon found out.
It turned out  that Ann Marie Dwyer of M3  ( that would still  be Red   of Mommas MoneyMatters, ) had generously  presented this  award to Incoming Bytes  at the end of December, a whole  week ago,--  that being  pretty close to being  back in the good old days. 
Back in those days, it turns out, I was still in the dark ages.  The lights were out. I missed that all-important enlightening post in M3.  No matter. 
Hopefully, I was forgiven. Maybe.
I told you Red has a sense of humour. 

In spite light of that revelation, inexplicable as it was, I  accepted the 7X7 Link Award complete with  all  associated honor and fame that inevitably accompanies such prestigious awards.   
I immediately discovered that with fame,  lies certain responsibilities .  
I found out I have to actually DO stuff,  the most important of which 
 is to always thank the presenter prodigiously.
I  therefore wish to officially thank Ann Marie Dwyer,  a.k.a. Red,  since it is humbling --and a great honor to be presented a prestigious  award by a wonderful writer, prolific blogger,  helpful mentor, and famous person, --even if she's on a well-deserved vacation.

Here's the whole list of other stuff  in no specific stuffing order:
  • Thank the nominator  ( I did that already, but thanks again, Red!  )
  •  Tell a Secret.  Any real secret will do. Do you stick gum on your bedpost overnight? Do you keep Twinkies in your desk drawer?  Got any sexy vices that are interesting? 
  • Post the 7x7 Link Award in a highly visible location like a Side-bar to enable bragging rights .  Put it someplace where it can be admired!
  •  Share Seven (yes, SEVEN )  of your blog posts complete with links.  *Hint: Links that actually work are helpful to your loyal readers.  
  • Nominate Seven NEW bloggers  (Yes, SEVEN)  that should receive this award. They should be bloggers that actually do good  stuff.
  • Advise all 7 new winners that they are winners and now have 49 MORE things to do.   (Get that?  7x7 =49,  I knew that research would pay big dividends...hm.....now if I can just find the  6 lucky numbers.....)
So,  first of all,  the secret....they call them secrets because you don't really  want to tell them but  for this award,  'ya gotta.  Use small type. Maybe nobody will notice.
  I'm guessing nobody knows this secret--  I often  type   sdrow  words backwards whilst minding my own business.  I can also backspace at 120wpm, error-free. 

Seven Blog Posts:  These are some favourites, for various undisclosed reasons....
  1. Most beautiful piece: The Age of Light
  2. Most helpful piece:  The trouble With Word Mills: Writers Beware
  3. Most comical piece:  The Ball and Chain Approach might Work for THEM too....
  4. Most popular piece: North America...Rent this Idea !
  5. Most controversial piece: EU Bans Canadian Seal Products but Condones Bullfights, Atrocities, and Hypocrisy
  6. Most Surprisingly Successful piece: Sometimes Life Becomes a Legend of Glory
  7. Most Underrated piece: Reinventing Energy:  the Rossi E-Cat
 I hope everyone likes the recommended blog posts! 

Now, happily,  I  get to   nominate present     this award to the following Seven wonderful bloggers --who  also get the 7x7 Link Award --complete with all 49 benefits.  ..(a.k.a. '49 more things to do" and stuff.)

The New 7x7 Link Awards go to:
  1. Mandy's Pages    Amanda Dcosta may have been away on holidays, for a month,  but her peaceful approach to life, her incredible faith and skilful blogging has  much merit.  Mandy's Pages has almost become a sanctuary to read, a place to reflect.  The brilliant Eastern star is shining in the sky over Oman once more. Mandy's pages was previously recommended ! 
  2. Just Camping Out    Jim Bessey's  blog on camping, relaxing and enjoying the great outdoors induces both peace of mind, encourages pleasant memories of past camping trips, and stimulates future summer plans.   Just Camping Out  is full of  interesting camping stuff.  Check it out, you'll see why We like camping better!  
  3. Glory's Garden     Glory Lennon keeps gardens alive year around--out in the yard in the summer,-- and helps them grow in our minds in the winter.  If Glory's  not gardening, she's spinning novels  or teaching crafts!   Entertaining and highly recommended! 
  4. Lala Musings       Rachel Howells has a unique voice in her blog that keeps you coming back. Insightful, cutting, and at times, hilarious.  A great read and  Highly recommended!
  5. A Heep of Everything    Alexandra Heep  has an interesting way of  analyzing everything, ---heaps of life.   Alexandra also writes " A Heep of NASCAR.  Both of these blogs were previously highly recommended !
  6. Freelancing and More    Doreen Martel's fab blog site on the business of writing is a 'must read' for anyone in the business.  If you're interested in learning the ropes about the intricacies  of writing successfully, Doreen's advice is  highly recommended !  By the way, while you're at it, check out Doreen's brand  new  web site  http://noscamworkathome.biz/.  You may be glad you did !
  7. Poetic Parfait    Christy Birmingham's  *new blog Poetic Parfait is looking  at poetry and music  with  refreshing, open eyes and her unique insight.    *A relatively new blog,-- with a promising new approach!   ** By the way, watch for *Silver Drops*   in the next few days!  Hm...that sounds familiar, the poetic neck is on the line, and you'll see why!                                                                                                                     Tune in and help the new 7x7 Link Award winners enjoy their recommendations too!    Thanks again, Red!

That's my story and I'm sticking to it.


  1. Raymond! How wonderful to be nominated. Thank-you so much for the positive commentary on my blog as well. Congratulations to your blog, an award you highly deserve!

  2. Oh my! Raymond.... thank you. Wow. You give me way too much credit. When you mentioned that I might want to check out your latest post, I kept thinking it was a political, controversial issue that might perhaps catch my fancy and which I usually enjoy reading at your pages. I am honored. Thank you so much Raymond. Honored and humbled.

  3. @ Christy, your blog is fresh and promising--your readers will discover your blog is well worth following ! --and now you have an award to show it! Thanks for your comments!

  4. @ Mandy, your wonderful blog offers something very few blogs offer--soothing peace and reflection --it is unique and compelling. Well done! Thanks for your comments too!

  5. ROFL! Well, I am so glad you had fun with this one. And you would wait until I am more than 500 miles from where I normally conduct business to post this! No matter, you picked some great blogs to win the 7X7. Wear it proudly!

  6. Thank you, Red! I did have fun with it. I had to wait until you were gone so you wouldn't blush. It was almost enough reason to justify going on a vacation too! Hm...If you were back home when I dug out the new winners, I might have given it back to you too...":)) Thanks once more!


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