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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Freedom of Speech: Imagined, or Real?

In nature, few elements exist in a pure state. The rest are altered at will by other "elements" depending upon "conditions".        That got me thinking about life, language itself, and speech. 
Freedom of Speech.

                     Freedom of speech seldom exists in a "Pure" State. 
Pun intended.  
Is freedom of speech imagined, or real?  Does it even exist?  Is  it secure? 

 Politically-cantankerous, unsettled Iran is testing it's own "Halal" internet system  (that's the Official Shut-off system) to prevent access to the outside world and control, limit or remove freedom of speech inside the restless country.  
Shall we hypothesize that the "global" Internet within Iran shall be simultaneously shut down and freedom of speech shall cease to exist?
Perhaps it is both logical  reasonable to assume Iranian bureaucrats, madmen and Mullah's alike  will attempt to do so.  They don't like riots and protest much.  Will they be successful?  Only time will tell, --but while we wait and see, let us look closer to home.

Is the North American Internet,  --that would be the one you hook onto if you want to talk to your uncle in Great Britain, Australia, or Japan, yes that one,  the  Internet  reaching  around the globe.   Is it any more secure here than in Iran ?  
  Here at Incoming Bytes  I believe the question must be asked:
At what point do power-hungry and devious politicians, bureaucrats and corporate North America decide "they" will determine which information, global transfer of data and  daily communications shall be available to you, the  brave reader of Incoming Bytes who dares to think, and the average citizen,  collectively known as the apathetic, reality-show T.V. loving 'masses?' 
In return for campfire-loving demonstrators "Occupying this" and that in the last few months, (a.k.a. setting up colourful tents and stinky biffies where they're not wanted ) can there be retribution,  even punitive action? 

Will Corporate/Political  North  America, like Iran, also  decide to limit free speech and even move to "occupy" the minds of society in it's entirety? 
Take a deep breath. Think clearly.
.......Let us not panic,  be naive or silly.  How else would we know  when to spend, spend, spend  at 'the big sales" down at the  Sanctuary Mall? 
Fear not; the self-declared pure and self-righteous shall guide you in times of uncertainty.    "Big Money" will help "Big Brother" set you on the path to righteousness and purity and profit and big-screen television -in 3D.  Don't forget to put on the "special  blinders glasses"....  
"Big Brother" knows what's best for You.... 

After all, freedom of speech seldom exists in a "pure"  state"....

That's my story and I'm sticking to it


  1. Not sure about whether you agree or disagree with more govt, here, but your premise is correct. We are losing our 'rights' right and left (pun intended). I'm glad you're asking the question.

  2. @ 'doyoumeanwhatIknow', --I see ever more government, ever more control, and ever less common sense. Government has forgotten what the ONLY true mandate they have is--which is to do FOR average people what they cannot do for themselves, but what must be done collectively. Ordinary rights for ordinary people are disappearing--I would not be surprised to see free speech curtailed also. Thank you for your comments!

  3. To me...it seems a cause and effect parallel. The more crowded we become, the more rules we need to keep order. (social rules, cultural rules, governing rules). I don't have any proof of this except motherhood. If you put a bunch of kids in a room, you've got to create a list of rules: Keep your hands to yourself, no running, no stealing someone's chair, etc.
    But if you distribute these kids over a half acre of playground...there's not so many rules. (Well except for the bully kid who was always in someone else's business because his parents didn't hug him enough)

  4. @Barbfroman, Social issues, cause and effect can easily be observed within a family unit
    and offer excellent parallels. The dynamics of family units, even to the extreme, can be interpolated to the largest scale.

    Your observation re. behaviour within a defined and limited physical space is an accurate insight into human behaviour on a grand scale. The greater the population within a limited space-the greater the challenge.

    If we really look at it, a country usually ends up including the equivalent anarchy, or a self-serving bully.
    Why the bully kid is "like that" is a huge topic in itself! (Lack of hugs, love, attention, being greedy, being a sociopath naturally, etc.) Let's leave that aspect for now.

    The 'bully' (government) or powerful, self-entitled individuals that are "elected" or otherwise elevated to positions of power by persuasion, creating fear or 'survival of the fittest' invariably make rules and arbitrary extensions of those rules of their choosing.

    Their "legislation and rules" are deemed to be the social "order". THEY decide what is "civilized" and by self-authorization, what is deemed "good for us" even though in truth --they have NO mandate to do so.

    With that process, their interpretation of creative, arbitrarily imposed rules includes
    self-entitlement for the powerful and punishment handed to lesser subjects for disobeying the (arbitrary) rules.

    Control of free speech and Internet communication nationally and internationally is really just an extension of the same principle... in which the "social bully" (bureaucratic/political/corporate) can switch off free speech, communication and services any time, literally for any reason --whether it be political, social, or perceived failure to maintain religious 'purity". Free speech virtually NEVER exists in a "self-deemed PURE" country or state.
    Does the average person have ANY input into those decisions? No. I believe that's why apathy is not a good thing, we must stand and be counted. Thank you for that wonderful model, Barb it was very helpful! Great comments!

  5. Well said, We are having our liberties eroded all the time, and never more than now, as ‘They’ the establishments do not want us communicating between ourselves our new found truths, .. I am all for Free Speech,,
    Many thanks Raymond, for dropping by my Dreamwalkers Sanctuary on W.P. I have managed to log in via google link today, although often Im frozen out, hense why I stopped posting here on Blogger.. I have subscribed via email.. You have a wonderful site here with a wide subject matter. and I will deffinately be back.. ~Sue Dreamwalker http://suedreamwalker.wordpress.com/

  6. @ Dreamwalker, it seems the 'establishment' of corporate/political North America is actually afraid that people will begin to understand what REAL freedom is--and of course genuine freedom always erodes the base of power from controlling interests.
    Attempts to shut down free speech are knee-jerk responses to genuine Liberty as "they" see their special society of self-entitlements under threat. The "self-declared righteous" are nervous with the "Occupy this" movement , --and should be. It is the abuse of political systems that causes great nations to fail.
    Thank you for commenting and subscribing to Incoming Bytes, Dreamwalker, I really enjoy reading your wonderful writing and teaching too! ~R


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