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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Disaster fix: Tile a While

Tile a while...Wall

At Incoming Bytes mayhem and destruction happens once in a while, giving me cause to scratch my head in wonderment at why things happen, mixed in with a bit of    anger and hair-pulling pragmatic rage frustration.
 Savvy and financially strapped homeowners all realize that at times, it seems things fall apart faster   than they can be repaired with  a capable home-renovation crew of twenty caffeine-boosted bubblegum chewing workpeople. 

Such was the exterior drywall surface  right beside an exterior door of mine;  you got it, the door to freedom for my demolition-team  pups.
 The first time it happened, the door trim was chewed off and shredded, the adjacent drywall was almost non-existent, and exterior insulation was torn out--all the way to the exterior sheathing. A chunk of the door jamb itself was missing.
It was midnight, and a major social gathering was scheduled for the next day, so it was a night watch
panic repair -including a careful  cutout of  remaining shredded wood on the door jamb, and the necessary replacement,  fill,  and paint.
  On the wall,  I cut out the damaged drywall completely,  re-insulated the wall cavity,  installed new drywall,  taped, filled, sanded, and top-coated again, sanding  all the way to- perfection.
Objective: To finished painting and trim, included, that is!   Invisible, perfect job, finished  at 3:00 am- or was it 4:00am.
 I am fast and good.   A competent workman when I have to be.   Kudos to me.  Used the wife's hairdryer to accelerate paint drying too.  Cool.    Sometimes it's just good to be handy.
Pups forgiven,  next day, party is  on! 
" Smells like fresh paint in here " someone comments.....

  That was the first time.   The second time, the lower cross-buck of  the $400.00  (1979 price !)   interior cedar door was  also chewed away, damage beyond repair. Door trim conveniently removed,chewed to bits and broken too, repaired  door jamb shredded again,  and drywall again seriously damaged.  After only a couple of hours in absentia.  We're never leaving home again. Haywire pups.    
It is surprising what you learn.  We did not know that interior air so carefully filtered with a modern air-conditioning system  could  turn so  unprintable blue.  I should have pictures or kept a Mason Moonshine jarful of the blue stuff  for proof.

   *sigh.  Sabbatical required. Cool down.  Cooler heads almost prevail.   Decisions necessary.  Replace the whole door unitOnly seven hundred bucks.   Install the new door unit, jamb, new lock set  and all.   Insulated steel door this time.   Repair the drywall again, prime and paint, install new interior trim,  job well done!  Party on! 

It does, however, seem that  Tilly the Tall and Ebony the Short have OCD  a  psychiatric compulsion history of wanting out NOW, walls in the way, doors closed or not . Why?

 A brief diversion  will reveal to the aware  that whenever  Mr. Buck and Ms DoeWillie the wolf,  Charlie Coyote, Peter Rabbit, Mega-moose   or  Bear himself happen to appear close at hand in the  Great Outdoors, things happen.   If they even  smell like they're within a country mile or three,    the friendly pooches want to see which of their friends is invading.
  Human visitors of the door- knocker kind,  a casual pickup truck or  touristy  turn-arounders a half mile away, the curious,  dilapidated lost seeking directions  or not, they all inspire the same effect.
Our research proves that  Sam the Weasel, Murray Mink  and Pierre le Stink  don't help either, five times out of five.   The dedicated dogs  want out  or the innocent handiest wall is doomed.

Off comes the broken trim. Again.  Paint layers scratched off. Again.  Enough of that. 
Tape the joints, sand, prime and paint it, and replace shredded, broken trim. Innocent pups  are required watch judiciously as repairs are made.
 Right, that oughta'  suffice -- until next time. And the time after that!  
What is the answer? High-strung pets may deface walls repetitively.  I have resigned myself to that distinct possibility.     

Ka-ching!  Think stainless steel, bullet-proof glass overlaid with ceramic tile. Scratch-proof.  Right over top of the nice, perfect drywall repair. Perfect protracted thought.  I did it.

Ready to Grout!

 Yesterday I tiled a while and put an end to scratches, bite marks and destruction. More than half-way up the wall for good measure.  Ha! 

I can see it now.   I'll be longing for the good old days.   Tape the joints, sand, prime and paint it, and replace shredded, broken trim.  I can do it with my eyes closed and one arm tied behind my back, midnight or not. I've got experience.
 Right, that will suffice -- until next time. And the time after that!  High-strung pets may deface walls repetitively.  May? Will? Did!   Emergency repair withdrawal, cold turkey.
What is the answer?   Remind myself again. Real life. Haul out the wallet. Head to the building center.

Ka-ching!   Ceramic tile. Scratch-proof.  Bite-proof. Woof-proof.   Tile a while and put an end to scratches, *bite marks and destruction.  I'm recommending it to everyone. Party's on!

*Note to myself.  Level surface grout so there's no place  to insert teeth, fangs or claws.  

 I've got'em beat now.  Maybe.

Is that incoming I hear?


  1. Wow!!!! are your dogs really that BAD? Bet they figure a way around the tile too...ha ha ha

    1. Yes, Anonymous, they are that bad, or "were" hopefully....They are smart too...hm...good point! We shall see. Thanks for visiting! ~R

  2. It looks lovely. I like the colors.

    1. Thanks Red, nice to see you! The colors, hm..they are great, aren't they? Wendy picked them...":) Thanks for commenting!

  3. Those dogs hehe I think you have 'em beat now Raymond! Good job, I like the look of the tile there Raymond. :)

  4. hi, Christyb, we'll see...they are very dedicated wall scratch types. I think it turned out pretty good too! Christyb is contemplating poetry about tile now..... Thanks for visiting! ":) ~R

  5. Replies
    1. Pearl, grouted? Did Lisa Bean Bitey of the Minneapolis Biteys help out, or just supervise? I bet you did a fine job! ":) Thanks for visiting!

  6. Wow, you are a patient man. After the second time, the puppies would be gone here.

    1. Glory, I don't think so, you're such a softie! You would take a timeout from the flowers, trees and garden, get some tile. All of those tools would soon be out of your toolbox,-- and away you would go to tile a while! Psst..it's not really difficult!
      Thank you for visiting! ":) ~R

  7. That's hysterical:) Thanks for sharing your story, my friend.

  8. hi M.J.! Nice to see you..I'm glad you enjoyed this. The damage was enough to make anyone hysterical... ":) Hopefully it won't happen again. Thank you so much for visiting! ~R

  9. Great Job Raymond.. And as I'm thinking of getting a puppy soon..or maybe NOT! I may change my mind to a rescue dog who is a bit more mature! And got past the nibbling, scratching stage! :-) still torn between the two... As I would like a puppy to grow up with my 15 mths old granddaughter. And unsure of behaviour's of rescue dogs with a youngster around.. Happy to see you Rescued your door though.. very good DIY.. Maybe you could give me a tip or two on the dog advice..

  10. hi Sue, thanks! A 'rescue dog' is the way to go, as long as it's mature or close to mature, but not too old. There are many fine, intelligent dogs available. Mine aren't really puppies, they're about 5 years old now and have always been great with small children. The reaction of any dog with children depends a lot on how the dog was treated over his or her lifetime. If you want more info, do send me an email, I'd be glad to help if possible.
    We did rescue the door too,didn't we...now we get to rescue the floor! ":))
    Thanks for visiting! ~R


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