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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Snowmobile Stupidity: The Ultimate Tragedy

Avalanche conditions! Avoid High-Marking!

Again. It happens every year, so I was not surprised at all to hear  that just recently,  another snowmobile enthusiast was killed by an avalanche in Whistler, B.C. 

At Incoming Bytes our hearts and thoughts go out to the families of  this individual;  may they find solace, peace and strength in their faith.
The question that will be ultimately asked is, "Why did this happen ?" 

Unfortunately, everybody knows why, but society  really not care to address reality or make positive changes to avoid the fact.  It is stupidity. Lack of judgement. Lack of common sense.   It is, in fact, a "no-brainer". 

 Which part of  "Steep slopes covered with deep crystallized snow create dangerous avalanche conditions"  do snowmobile enthusiasts not understand?  

 Which part of  "entering, traversing or high marking in avalanche-prone areas is stupid !" do snowmobile enthusiasts not understand?
Why is the 'rush' of "high marking" a pristine, dangerous slope with a powerful snow machine  more important than life itself?  
Charging full-speed up a mountain slope covered with steep snow,-- and pulling a U-turn sharply might be a 'rush' or a 'thrill' and an extreme sport,  but  is a dangerous, foolish practice!

In avalanche-prone areas, disturbing deep snow at any time is ASKING to create an avalanche.
  Later in the season when snow begins to crystallize and becomes as  unstable as a blanket of ball-bearings if disturbed, an avalanche is almost guaranteed. 
Sadly, some people apparently never learn --and even the most skilled machine operators may end up paying with their lives for a temporary  lack of judgement , a 'friendly competition"  or a ego-drooling  dare.

 Hopefully, the snowmobiling associations and sports community  in Whistler, B.C.  and elsewhere will now, -- once again,  make an effort to instil some common sense, and  discourage the practice of "high-marking" .  Better yet, sled elsewhere.  Use common sense and stay OUT of avalanche-prone areas, period.

Is that incoming I hear?


  1. Soooo Sad..Some always believe they are invincible :(

    1. Olivia, that's the problem, they think they're invincible and do NOT THINK at all. It's all testosterone-adrenalin driven with no gray matter applied. No common sense. No logic. It is very, very sad,and happens every year about this time, when the snow is crystallized and has no structural strength at all. Hopefully, snowmobile associations and snowmobile DEALERS will step up to the plate and start educating these people. Until that happens, these tragedies will keep occurring. Olivia, thank you for visiting!

  2. People might try putting their brains in gear before they get onto a snowmobile; in flying they call it pilot error, but the cause is about the same.

    1. Right on, John. They seem to forget their brains at home, get loaded up on testosterone, too much horsepower, adrenalin and even beer, --and away they go. It is definitely an error of omission of common sense. Thanks for commenting! ~R


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