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Friday, March 9, 2012

Who Killed Gail Parker? Solve this 19 year old Cold Case!

"Murder is not entertainment, just ask me."

 That motto, cleverly devised by  the group  'Homicide Survivors'  says it all.

 Clever mottos  printed hopefully  on survivor T-shirts may raise awareness, but  are clearly alone not enough to solve  'Cold Cases' sitting in dust-covered  cardboard boxes  labeled with forgotten names and numbers.   

Just ask Danielle Parker, a young woman and  career writer-journalist-columnist, who lost her mother in an unsolved  robbery-murder case that occurred in  Tucson, Arizona. 

Has the concept of real justice disappeared from the old West? 

Nineteen years ago, on March 6th, 1993,  a person, or persons unknown,  robbed and murdered  51- year- old Gail Renee Parker,  brutally bludgeoning her to death.  
The unknown  murderer(s)  has (have) never been identified, located or arrested in spite of  forensic evidence including DNA from blood samples from under the victim's fingernails  and other evidence collected by Tucson police.  Gail's handbag was found by a fisherman out of state --in Utah.  

Unbelievably, on  March 6th, 2012,  the nineteenth anniversary of this horrific crime,   --the  murder of Gail Parker remains unsolved, and is considered to be a 'Cold Case" file.

Why?  Questions require answers.

Why was this case NOT deemed a Federal murder case?  Was Gail too average, too ordinary, too middle-aged, or just not sexy enough for the FBI to be involved?

Were the FBI too busy, too understaffed, too inexperienced,   too underfunded, too  afraid of the potential outcome, or warned  off by State police in a stupid, arrogant but classic television-drama artificial  jurisdiction turf war?   Were they busy watching NCIS for new investigative techniques?  
 Why was this case ever  sidelined and allowed to go cold?

 At Incoming Bytes we believe there has to be a reason why this case has been shelved and  ignored. 
 Are unsolved, "Cold Cases"  qualified or  callously disqualified for further attention on the basis they will not be  high-profile enough, or glorious enough to satisfy egos and prompt promotions? We can only speculate. Readers are encouraged to draw their own conclusions.
   The question of the day must be:   Which set of factors determines if a murder case will receive the attention all murder cases warrant --or if  it is to  be ignored, filed, and forgotten?  

It seems to me that with modern forensics being so available, so blatantly flaunted with modern technology-, the answer to this brutal  cold case is there for the taking.  What will be done about it? Who will step up and take responsibility for it?  When?

Danielle Parker, the murder victim's loving daughter,  wants to know.   She is a writer.  A columnist for the Huffington Post.  I know of her plight only through FaceBook--but that should not minimize the fact she deserves help, our respect and peaceful  closure in the loss of her mother.  She would be the first person to say "Murder is not entertainment, just ask me."
Equally, her victimized mother -- Gail Renee Parker-- was an active woman,  a  beloved mother, --and above all, a human being that deserves that much respect. 

At Incoming Bytes we would like to encourage our readers and everyone possible  to help Danielle Parker find out who murdered Gail Renee Parker on March 6, 1993  in Tucson, Arizona. 

 Has he killed other innocent victims since?  Is he a serial killer ? Can this brutal, violent  crime be connected to other victims?

  The guilty person(s) are  walking around scot-free.  Are they living in Canada?  In Mexico?   Where is this murderer?  Was it a murderous couple? 
 Are they living next door to you?   

|If you have any * information on this crime, contact :
  • Tucson Police Department at (520)-791-4444.
  • The F.B.I.  (Federal Bureau of Investigation )
  •  The R.C.M.P.  ( Royal Canadian Mounted Police) in Canada
  •  CRIMESTOPPERS  in any jurisdiction in North America

Is that Incoming I hear?



  1. There's thousands of these cases every year. I'm curious as to how this one caught your attention.


    1. Mike, Danielle's plight came to my attention in FB "Writers helping Writers" group-- in her posting. I read her story. Danielle is a journalist/columnist for the Huffington Post. I believe posting about this case is not such a bad idea--it is about helping other human beings. Thanks so much for asking, Mike! ~R.

  2. Raymond, no doubt that posting it is a good thing. I was just curious how this particular case caught your attention, you being way up there close to the arctic circle and so far from where the crime took place.

    There were very few murders in the county I grew up in, but when there was one, the chances of it being solved were very low and there are a number of those cardboard boxes collecting dust in storage in the county seat where I grew up.

    1. Mike, I have to agree, sometimes I really do wonder how police departments and authorities just "luck out" finding some of these criminals, ---and the rest of them are just never caught. I don't know which county or state you grew up in, but it sounds typical.

      I guess Cold cases are a sad fact of life, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't go after them. I think as voices with readers, we really should raise the profile of stories like this. I was in Tucson AZ back in 1985 for a business thing, so this particular story kind of caught my eye in FB even if I live up in NW Ont close to the Arctic Circle.

      I'm sure you probably heard about the Robert Picton murders in British Columbia, where some 45 or more women from Vancouver that worked in the sex trade were murdered over a period of years by the same individual--a hog farmer --and a lot of the earliest cases were 'shelved' and ignored! They actually had the man arrested and under suspicion years ago! If the authorities and police had taken care of business properly, they probably would have saved the lives of most of these women. I guess hindsight is always perfect isn't it. Mike--Thanks for commenting! ~R


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