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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Reckless Relaxation & The Job List

The Age of Light is upon Us 

Snooze Preamble:
March 13th, an atypically warm spring day for Northwestern Ontario.   Silence, brilliant sunshine surrounds us  with a bit of  a breeze that waves branches gently. Blue sky deviously lulls the senses. 

 It seems we have a bad case of reckless relaxation about to sprout.
Except for the job list that is. The job list.  The what?  Who in their right mind would plan that?  Who wrote that on there?  Let us scream wax poetic.

               The Job List!    ( a.k.a. the You're my honey so 'ya gotta do it" list )
  • Oh Raymond dear! We love you so
  • But here's another job , Oh Oh !
  •  Fix this!  Fix that!   ---and by the way,
  • Please change the bath tub
  • Right away!  

*sigh.  I'm a Jack of all trades but  I'm not a poet ,  but you get the idea.   My friend  Christyb,  who happens to be a real poet might have to fill in with a real poem. 

   It is one of  those special days, after all,  the  ' It's spring,  we do not wanna-be scheduled to do anything' variety  that soaks up all energus directus perambulus
Instead, dawdling  exudes  in every  necessary direction.

 Days like this take no  direction on purpose.  It must be contagious;  our alert readers have  cleverly  noted that one day influences the next, and the next necessarily in order.
Where did Monday go?  I really don't know.  -You seen it?   It didn't leave any tracks.

Mid-day Progress Report:
 We're making progress.   This  perfect,  late, lazy morning morphed  pleasingly and  perfectly  into a  snoozy afternoon that must have been  destined to be.  If the current rate of progress continues, it seems it must also propagate a perfect specimen of  the take-it-as-it-comes kind of evening too.
What a cool progress report.  

The job list.
  Right. I conveniently forgot.  Back to it.    The magnet on the door of the humming refrigerator  offers the list  boldly  and  ominously on a big Post-it note. It's  bullet-point smile instills  guilt every time I sneak-attack the kitchen for an innocent, tasty snack.  The list is evil,  all-knowing, persistent as mold,  living to  haunt  another day. My day.
Let's  give evasive tactics some deep thought.
 Perhaps reckless relaxation has something  to do with the uncharacteristic warmth, unusually sunny days, snow melting,  and such. Along the south side of  the house the crocuses and  day lilies are not even popping up yet, unlike gardening zeitgeist Glory Lennon's.  Maybe I can get Glory to persuade them to sprout.   Hers are up already, but mine are not in any hurry. Are they not a formidable and perfect example of snoozy procrastination to offer and emulate?
 A dearth of Energy.
 We happily cannot navigate  the garden yet,  there's still a foot of snow on it. Good thing. Not enough energy exists in China or in my back yard to dig up that stuff or  move mud anyway.
Happily, and coincidentally,  there's also not enough energy to navigate  any  tough job on the  evil "You're my honey so 'ya gotta do it " list  either.
Other assorted Excuses
Perhaps for excuses we could, in a pinch,  revert to blatant logic.  To start something you have to do something else first. That's a great standard  DIY rule isn't it?  Where would we be without that rule?  
Paint, but move this first,  fix that before you can move this, Let's say, and --woot wooot!   I haven't got the right nails to fix that first. Oops.  I might get some tomorrow. Get the paint too,  while I'm at it, and even save  a trip.  See how helpful that rule is?
 Makes sense to me. R & R persists, with a bit of tweaking and wooting and creative planning.
The Ruse of Logic
Logic also explains why we should not shovel  snow or chip away ice that should forthrightly be melting on it's own paranormal schedule.    It melts slowly, that might be just as well.  Let the snow melt slowly so the water can soak into the ground.  It can schedule itself.   That's a perfect excuse for any farmer or rural type, it's even logical,  so, we'll schedule ourselves to work hard at relaxing instead --but just in case, I winked and wrote it on the evil list :  Let snow melt slowly so the water can soak into the ground. 

 Night time insomnia might persist,  but  sunny day-time snoozing gloriously beckons and insists. 
 At Incoming Bytes,  the sun is shining. I'll have to  persuade  Christyb at Poetic Parfait  to write a poem about it.  Glorious snoozing,....er... no, maybe spring and reckless relaxation, ...er, no,  the job list,   I meant.
 Christyb is always smiling and  listening for new  incoming. Meantime, I feel a snooze coming on.

  • Do you like lazy days? 
  • Do you fear the 'job list' and procrastinate as much as possible? 
  • Do you like snoozing on sunny afternoons?
  • Have you written any poems about your job list? 

Is that Incoming I hear?


  1. What a nice mention here Raymond, thank-you! Hehe no I have not written a post about a to-do list (yet) but I will work on one about cookies soon! I'm glad you had good weather and had some time to relax. Ah yes the chores will be there for you on the not-so-sunny days. Have you been able to scratch any of the items off your list yet? Your post had me smiling Raymond, well done.

    1. hi Christyb, thank you for visiting, and you're always welcome on Incoming Bytes by visit, mention, or guest post if you wish! The chores are always there, I do two, and three magically appear! I scratch'em, somebody hatches'em! I'm glad you enjoyed this. Thanks for commenting, Christyb! The sunny weather here is wonderful too! ~R

  2. Love Lazy Days Raymond.. and you made me smile with this.... I have a list as long as my arm .. But they can wait.. I have two arms.. Lol.. the to do list today and the today list tomorrow.. .. and what doesnt get done today just gets moved to tomorrows list.. And thy say Tomorrow never comes!....

    Just a note.. Thank you for the advise too left on VK's Page .. Would love to find that OBE post if you can point me in the right direction..
    Seems too the Internet hasnt been sending me your updated posts.. I just Re-applied to subscribe to be told Im already a subscriber.. but no emails in my in box.. Maybe they floating in Hypo space!..

    1. Sue, so do I love sunny, lazy days...! We DO have to decide what is important, sometimes the 'to do list' is just that, a piece of paper hanging on the refrigerator, especially if it's sunny and warm outside! ":)
      I wonder about that email, perhaps you'll need to remove the cookies from your browser, and try to subscribe again? You should be getting emails! Thank you for being so persistent and loyal!

      I believe the post you are looking for is in Vk's comparing notes. Thank you so much for commenting! ~R

  3. Replies
    1. Storm, 'yes to all of the above' is a wonderful answer. How wonderful that you recognize what is important in life! ":) Thank you so much for visiting! ~R

  4. It's always a pleasure to drop by.

    1. And a pleasure to have you comment, Storm! ~R

  5. sounds like you have a case of spring fever!

    1. Oh, Katley, if you only knew! Spring drags out around here! That doesn't mean we shouldn't smile about it though, does it... We just 'get to it' and grin and bear it..lol.. Thanks for visiting! ":)

  6. I have to say yes to all as well. Nothing like a sleepy, sunny day with a breeze to keep us from overheating. No poems about jobs (well, I guess I have some writing ones) but I do have a couple about sleep - it is one of my favorite activities and restores body, mind and soul :)

  7. Right on, 'doyoumeanwhatIknow', that's what I think too, nothing like a refreshing snooze--especially in the sun with a nice cool breeze...Thanks for visiting! ~R


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