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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Paranoia Paradox : Fear and Profit

The Age of  Light is Upon Us

"Shall we  surround ourselves with  conveniently out-of-sight security devices, imagining  that we are somehow safer?  "     

Saturday morning.  I saw it right away upon opening up my last post on Incoming Bytes .    A sidebar security advertisement  neatly installed on the page by a commercial  service called  AdSense.   AdSense places  ads on this blog  automatically, depending upon the content type on the page.   No matter.  What grabbed my eye was that the advertisement itself  was for alarm systems,  security cameras, and home automation. Turn down the thermostat. Turn up the thermostat. Flip on the porch light.  C'mon, really.  There has to be some other purpose.  Could it be commercial-social profiteering, happiness in profiting from a genuine paranoia paradox?

 The subliminal message, if seriously given any thought-- is  fear.  Get security stuff. Stay safer, click on the ad and buy security stuff.  Get home automation stuff while you're at it, so you don't actually have to do anything,  get motion detectors. We wouldn't want to have to do anything like turn on the lights, or confront invaders, assailants, rapists,  or thieves by firing warning shots at  their sorry asses them  as they try to flee genuine justice.  In some jurisdictions it is now legal to fire warning shots at their sorry asses.  That may be a good thing.  Whatever happened to the bright, edgy signs  carefully advising perps that homes and businesses are    "Protected by Colt" ?

My last post "Who killed Gail Parker: Solve this 19-year old Cold Case! " left me wondering just how it is that society can 'sell and promote security" but  allow murderous, insane scumbags individuals and  lunatic cold-blooded thieves  to walk around free for many years, reveling in their warped, twisted lives,  while the families of victims, like Danielle Parker,  the innocent victim's daughter,  mourn for years on end without closure.
Why?   In my opinion,  that status quo is hypocrisy;   the status quo  is not good enough.  That all-too-common  situation is  pervasive and unacceptable inside the 'secure' home, out in the desert, or in the big city.   That is not justice, nor is it reasonable  social policy.

Social paranoia has been building globally and  steadily  since 9 /11.    It's been coming on for some time, but the level of paranoia in the world with  current wars, rumors of  wars,lunatic dictators,   nuclear meltdowns,  nuclear armament,  financial meltdowns,  earthquakes, floods, tornadoes,  predictions of doom --even failed ones --seems to be skyrocketing.  Edgy, gloomy  economics, unemployment, job outsourcing, and multi-million-dollar CEO self-entitlement 'bonuses'  for gutting previously-respected, long-trusted company structures, and the rich becoming richer as average people struggle -- are not helping. 
  Is this instability a result of apocalyptic thoughts of doom,  the last desperate flash of humanity,  solar storms currently trendy, or just the collective brainwashing and publicity surrounding all of the above?

  Is it because human beings are inevitably self-destructive,  or is it because we are collectively stupid, dumbed down, blissfully watching television, soaking it all up like it's truth or something -- and pretending we knowledgeably live the good life?

Shall we  really surround ourselves with  conveniently out-of-sight security devices, imagining  that we are somehow safer?  I think not.

The fact is, until civilization matures globally, and society no longer panders to thugs, criminals,  murderers, devious, dishonest power-mongers, corporate profit  and  political ideology driven by dishonest, fanatical religion and hypocrisy, the paranoia paradox will continue to grow.  At Incoming Bytes we invite the reader to think for themselves, make decisions, let the light in,  discover who we really are,   --and live without fear.

Is that Incoming I hear?


  1. Subliminal messages are there in every second advert. But you are right. One cannot go on living in fear to have these companies time and time again remind us that we have to brace up on our security measures or face the consequences. Whatever has happened to the super-computers that each of us possess; our brains? Surely we have to reason out for ourselves and make mature decisions rather than an easy-way-out, pass-the-buck-on-to-them-to-deal-with-it attitude. What ever has happened to our programming abilities? There might be genuine cases that need these. But all in all, allowing others to control your well-being is just plain foolishness. Take control of your life... the way you think best and not the way these ads tell you to.

    1. Mandy, that is exactly how it works, by direct and even moreso by subliminal messages. The supercomputers we have built in, -the very ability to think is being diminished by the constant barrage of technology and programming that either discourages thinking, distracts one from thinking, 'does the thinking for us' or 'proves' to the lazy-minded that it is not necessary to think.
      The conclusion is pretty much guaranteed isn't it, nobody bothers to think. We really DO need to think for ourselves. Thanks so much for visiting, Mandy! ~R

  2. I wonder if you say to people to "think for themselves" will they really know how to do it? There is so much talk in the US about the political election and really do the voters understand what is a Republican and what party would govern well? Or is it a popularity contest and who has the best hair (I vote Mitt hehe). Your post is current with edge and style. I am glad we have connected again Raymond and that the incoming continues!

    1. Hi, Christyb, yes,the problem is that people have forgotten how to think and declare themselves as individuals. They do NOT know how to think for themselves, and allow themselves to be manipulated, brainwashed and led around like sheep. Most people do not think beyond the simplest, immediate, decisions --and often allow others to make THOSE decisions too, like occupation choice, fashion, the very clothes they wear, lifestyle,and other trends.

      In the US political situation, I would venture to say the majority do not really understand the politics involved; worse yet, they are apathetic to the most basic underlying issues, especially the critical issues. They vote for the 'popular' or trendy. If you recall the unbelievable Obama-mania last election? That pretty much demonstrated the mindless, the 'grasping at straws, vote for a "saviour" concept which is, bottom line, nothing but an agitated popularity contest.

      Seriously, at this point I am not convinced that ANY of the US candidates are genuine leadership quality. It really does look more like a popularity contest, big money, big hair and all. NOT a good thing.
      Thanks for visiting, Christyb, I have been around but up to my neck in incoming ":)

  3. raymond, i am jealous, you get tough ads on your adsense, guess what i get? a thumbnail sketch of many splendored girls..yep; the ones for rent or for sale? exotic sultry ladies..anxious to leave Russia or wherever..so i pulled adsense off my last known nest site..for ethical reasons..no i am not afraid of cute rich girl wannabe's--but REALLY,who needs to participate in the international meat market?

    of course there is no born leader in the political arena here in the US, the system panders to romantics rather than idealists--to rich rather than value oriented.. and everyone wants to control everyone else's lives..churches and unions, clubs and sports govern the greedy throng..follow the money!

    so, yes the common sense approach to self protection works best..eyes open and minds alert.. rest well and don't wait for someone else to protect you.. a picture of your cat should do it..just write in big letters..THIS IS NOT MY GUARD DOG...i don't need one.

  4. Hi, Nadine, welcome again! About your AdSense, you can specify types of ads offered on your site. Do explore that possibility, specify the kind of ads you do not want, and if nothing else, there are other ad outfits as well.

    You sure have it right about the leadership--nobody in a state of genuine reality and leadership. If you're a multimillionnaire you can be President. Nice. There is an increasing paranoia about control, and fear is the tool used to manipulate. Follow the money is an understatement isn't it.

    I see you have the right idea -awareness and be proactive protecting yourself. I laughed about your cat picture and message--perfect. "I don't need one" says it all. ":) Nadine, thank you so much for commenting ":)

  5. Fear sells.

    Also, I think there's a level of blame-placing that we enjoy.


    1. Pearl,,,you are SO right on, fear DOES sell, it is soaked up by the uninformed and those reveling in apathy. We can happily lay blame on everything except ourselves. We can even blame Lisa Bean Bitey of the Minneapolis Biteys! Thank you so much for commenting, Pearl, my best to Lisa Bean! ":) ~R

  6. Raymond people walk around within a haze.. of their Soaps and Game and reality shows on TV as people get caught within their own Pockets of Fear.. Buying into it all.. The Media, the Adverts, whats good to eat, whats not good to eat, what to wear, which Car to drive.. You name it.. for they have no reason not to believe it.... Because they are still sleeping within the illusion of this world..

    I have seen how addicted people get with Soaps and game shows.. and I believe alot of Subliminal Messages are within many of these shows and adverts.. My TV is often in the Off position these days...

    Wishing you well.. Sue

    1. Sue, you understand. The haze of "life as they perceive it" even though it is lies, deceit, and dreaming the illusion of the good life and success laid out for them by the corporate world of profit. Subliminal messages are offered in every venue --and never realized. The whole scenario is designed to prevent people from discovering reality--a sad situation that can be changed with open minds and proactive thought. Thanks so much for visiting, Sue!


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