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Friday, March 30, 2012

Surprise! WE have a NEW FEATURE !

Surprise, Surprise, What is It?

Surprise, surprise!  WE have a new feature on Blogger!  What is it?

A black and white  Easter egg?   A meteorite?  A smurf hiding? Is that a hat? snow? Something an alien left behind? 

No, but we can now add pages to our Blog...a feature we LIKE.

  At Incoming Bytes we have taken this opportunity to introduce the page "What you see is what you Get!"  which will be exactly that.
What you see is what we get.  See the  new Title' at the top of the page? Click on it!

I hope you enjoy it. Our flagship page on "What you see is what you Get!" features some wonderful pictures of work done by Mother Nature herself--that beautiful, unpredictable  joker.

We will  be adding content on "What you see is what you Get"  from time to time.  Let us know what you think.  You can add comments just as you would with the main page.  Don't forget to follow, subscribe by feed or email, and above all,.......


pssst.........It's really a huge, perfectly egg-shaped piece of basalt--with snow on it.  I guess it weighs about a hundred lbs. without the snow cap.

Is that Incoming I hear?


  1. Yay, Raymond can be taught! Have fun with it. I know I did.

  2. Maybe better than picking up and moving...hm..eh Red? ":)

  3. Hi Raymond.. snow and no I didnt guess had to wait to see what it was.. And its good that Pages have been introduced... Nice feature.. ... Arrgh Im still waiting for updates from your feed, as I joined too using another email address too confirmed etc and still didnt get this update.. so if I miss a few of your posts Sorry.. As Im on WP more than Blogger ..
    Thank you for taking the time to comment too.. glad you enjoyed my last poem.. and experience..
    Enjoy your Sunday.. Sue DW..

  4. Hi Sue, I have no idea what is happening to your feed or email. I guess you could try and delete the cookies in your computer and try again, that may help? Which browser are you using? IE8 can be problematic at times. Thank you so much for being persistent, that means a lot! Great to see you, and blessings! ~R

    1. Hi Raymond, yes I am using that browser.. and its given me problems with Blogger thats not even allowing me to log into my own account at times, as it would knock me off.. I Will give that a try, thank you... And thank you also for dropping in with your comments too, I appreciate that alot.. :-) DW

  5. Trying to post one last time...So much trouble...Blogger does not like WP I guess...So it goes. Love the new section. Great stuff. Thanks for your words and insight RK....VK


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