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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Another Star in the night: John Angus Carter

I am sad to report to my loyal readers here at Incoming Bytes that  the world has been diminished with the passing of another  good man.

John Angus Carter passed away earlier this week. I had not heard from John for a few days, --which was uncharacteristic for the John Angus Carter  I knew well.  We communicated by messenger, chat, or email almost every  day for several years.

 I received the startling news by email yesterday from another of his friends.
  John was an American  and a  resident of Barkhamsted, Connecticut.

John Angus Carter  R.I.P. August,  2012

John Carter  was a  fellow writer, blogger, and the author of hundreds, if not thousands of articles.  He was, without exception, perhaps one of the most prolific and knowledgeable people I have ever had the honor to befriend and learn from.  With an unbelievable capacity to not only learn, but to listen and teach,  John was an intellectual giant and no less than a genius in more ways than one.

John's amazing blog 
 John's fascinating, and informative blog 'Goldminingandprospecting' became highly successful rapidly by any standard, garnering by  last count, over 260,200 hits --and that was only one of his blogs.
 Being a graduate geologist was only part of it;  John was always willing to share information on any subject, whether it was politics,   religion,  the application of geopolymers,  global plate tectonics, gold deposits, prospecting secrets and methods,  environmental matters, photography,  mineral specimens or  subduction zones and Cameron's Line.
Gold deposits all over North America and those worldwide were the primary topic of  John's gold blog.  He was actively working on a book "East Coast Gold" which was to be launched in October 2012.
In our many discussions, virtually all topics of interest were tackled and discussed.    John was intrigued with the potential of life --and kept himself informed in matters technology, engineering of all kinds, political matters; any and all subjects of global interest. In addition to being a writer and blogger, John was an environmental consultant, an aerial photographer, geologist, mining consultant,  entrepreneur and the quintessential optimist.  One of his favourite says was "We shall see what we shall see !  usually expressed as  WSSWWSS!

His sense of humor was priceless, his instincts about people were virtually flawless,  and his powerful thirst for knowledge and empathy for mankind revealed the unwavering  heart of a unique, solid man. John always, without exception, spoke kindly and fondly of his friends, associates, and past acquaintances. John was  many things, but  above all else,  he was a treasured friend.

My world somehow seems smaller with John's passing, but in retrospect-- he would be the first to deny that --for his was an endless vision, an inspiration  to be emulated. John  is now another star in the night.
 I will miss him. 

 Rest in peace, John Angus Carter. It was an honor to know you---and you will not be forgotten.  

Is that Incoming I hear? 


  1. Sorry to hear this RK....It is always difficult to loose someone. It leaves a hole for a while we can't seem to fill. The only thing that gets us through is knowing they really didn't die at all.They just moved on to a new dimension, a new way of being. Try communicating with him, see if he will come visit you in some way. I hope your heart heals soon and the missing lessens. Take care and keep on as he would want you to do...Blessings VK

    1. Hi Vk, thank you so much for your comforting words. We do tend to forget that we merely change frequency, move to a new dimension, don't we? I was told that as a child--and have always believed it.
      Our hearts break losing friends, and we miss them, but we WILL see them again, and John is no exception. He's up there, and the missing lessons will be replaced --by more lessons in life I am required to learn. That is how it works; everything and everyONE has a purpose.
      Again, thank you so much for reminding me of that. ":)

  2. Sorry for your loss Raymond. I guess heaven was in need of a good writer.

    1. Conny, what a wonderful thought..beautifully expressed. Thank you so much for that. You may wish to immortalize that one... ":) ~R

  3. So sorry you lost your friend. He shall live on with the words he left for us to read. Nice way to be remembered.

    1. Hi Glory...I'm guessing that's about as good a legacy as is possible isn't it? His writing out there IS an excellent legacy. I have to agree with you. Thank you for your kind words. ~R

  4. What a wonderful tribute to someone who will I am sure be sadly missed.. I hope his knowledge he passed on will remain a legacy for all who seek his wisdom..
    A sad day for those left behind, but a joyous one for those he reunites with..
    Thank you for sharing .. our thoughts join those of yours Raymond as they go to his loved ones..
    Blessings ~Sue

    1. Thank you for your gentle words, Sue. Your kindness and insight is much appreciated. Eternal hope is indeed offered in our faith. Blessings to you, too, my friend. ~R

  5. Sorry to read about your friend. Everything from ancient faiths to quantum physics is telling us that nothing and no one is ever lost. Hard to get our heads around, but undoubtedly true (we're just pea-brains)! But I do believe that everything that ever was, still is. Enjoy your memories of your friend and, who knows? As Visionkeeper says, you may be hearing from him!

    1. Wendy, thank you for that thought and your kindness. Much appreciated. That we may in fact never be lost is a wonderful belief. We do not understand the universe completely--we can only contemplate. John believed the same thing. The ancient faiths and quantum physics become one at some point--and shall give us the truth--and as you know, the truth is always revealed eventually. We'll be in touch! ":)

  6. Sorry to hear about your friend. They do leave a hole don't they?

    1. Yes, DYM, thanks..they leave a terrible hole that takes a long time to fill again...I guess that's life. Thank you for your kindness. ~R


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