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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Flash Fiction: Desire

 raymond alexander kukkee

"You'll not be leaving whilst breathing"  the voice said.  Heavy breathing echoed in the empty white  galley, a harsh, rattling fight for air.
"Nothing to say?" 
" It's disgusting," he gasped,  "... is it the only way,....the gagging, the choking? "
"It's  final, you chose,  nobody cares".
 Stale air whistled as it was exhaled.
"You made  choices, your desire for evil, now pay"  the voice said,  "That's hardball".
 "You'll not be leaving with air in that sick rack you call a body.  Now be a man."
 The  sickening rattle ceased, quieting the heaving galley with silence and salt water.

'Desire'  -with a word count of  99,  was inspired by Red's  M3 Flash Fiction Challenge. The word limit was 100 words.

Is that Incoming I hear?


  1. A dark entry. Very nice. Tweaks the imagination.

    1. Thanks, Red, just exercising alternative genres...and holding my breath, just in case. ":)

  2. Thanks, DYM, glad you enjoyed this weird offering...":) ~R


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