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Sunday, August 19, 2012

The Vise

by  raymond alexander kukkee

"Your vice,  boy,  --your marginal propensity to  theft -- lead to your appearance in front of this court! " The judge peered over his black-rimmed bifocals. 

"Yes, your honour"  he said meekly, scuffing the floor with his sneaker. He was ashamed.

Blacksmith's  Leg Vise

"You will return the Smithy's vise you have stolen, and  tools. I hereby commit you to 52 weeks of labour at the blacksmith's shop to learn the fine art of Smithing." the judge said.

"Thank you, your honour. I couldn't  afford the apprentice program...".
The judge winked.  
 " Minor,  age 14!... No record!"

 Next case!"

"The Vise"  is a work of flash fiction inspired by M3's Flash Fiction Challenge.  Only 96 words,  it easily meets the July word limit of 150 words.

Is that Incoming I hear?


  1. Awesome flash!! Love it! Linking now :)

    1. Thanks,Red! I had my head in a vise for a while trying to sort this one out to be most effective. I really liked that I actually got it below a hundred words when the limit was 150. "progress" comes to mind, the vice of verbosity is being addressed...":)

  2. Smiled at this one Raymond... Arrgh if only we could educate and train our misguided youth into those long forgotten apprenticeships of worthwhile trades. I think maybe the Horse and Blacksmith will be making a comeback sooner perhaps than we think!!!!! ;-)

    1. Hi Sue! I could not agree more. The old skills should be maintained,simply because new technology fails to solve even the simplest physical problems at times. I have a forge and vice--and know how to forge steel--it will be coming back. With the price of fuel, horses may well be coming back also! We hope so. ":)


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