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Saturday, August 25, 2012

The Drum

by raymond alexander kukkee

"I want that " the  four-year old said, poking about  in the pantry. Packages rattled.
"This too",  he said.  Baking supplies collected quickly on the counter.
Pointed out with the long wooden spoon,  nuts, raisins and chocolate chips were picked out in a flash
 "Just in time! he said, beating on the lid of an empty tin.
" Look what I found! The secret ingredient!"  
I shook my head.. "It's empty".
"A drum!...You mix,  I drum,!"  the little curly-headed one said, laughing, banging loudly on the  tin can.  Instant Migraine. The secret ingredient.


Flash fiction  inspired by Red's M3 Flash Fiction Challenge.   The Drum has a word count of  95.  The  limit for August was  100.

Is that Incoming I hear?  


  1. Cute! Flash fiction is fun to read Raymond, especially on your site here.

    1. Thanks, Christyb! "Christyb likes flash fiction, instant migraine headache from the secret ingredients or not " ":) ~R

  2. Instant Migraine ingredient for sure!My son used to love loud noise when he was little until he discovered slowly dripping water in the sink and Dixi cups to collect it in. Thank God! I was all for that! Have a good one RK. Good stuff you are cranking out...VK

    1. Vk, this was rooted in the past, we all used to beat on stuff just for fun. Instant migraine for mother--but she tolerated our 'fun' well and taught us to bake stuff instead...smart,huh? Thanks for your kind comments... ":) !R

  3. Oh my word!! I have this recipe. I thought it was a family secret. Now, you have done it. You let it out!

    1. Ha, Red, I think most families have that recipe...too funny! Baking is a nice, quiet alternative.... ":) ~R

  4. Cute - after being sick for two days, my grandson is back to himself - full bore! Incoming migrane!


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