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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Call

by Raymond Alexander Kukkee


"You try it"  Mikey said, looking at the gooey stuff. It was like thick soup.
He  stirred . It was cold.
"No, you try it",  Perkins squinted at it. The brown stuff was flat as  pancakes.

"I'm allergic to peanuts" Mikey said,  " I better not, I had it for five years now, is there peanuts in it?" 

"I dunno" said Perkins. 

"You make the call" Mikey said.
 "Here's the bread".  He handed Perkins a slice of white bread and a knife.  He slathered the stuff on his own, folding it in half.
"Make the call now! He took a big  bite.
He gasped and grabbed his throat. His eyes rolled, struggling for air.
Perkins  pretended to  dial 911. 'Operator? Help!!"

Mikey fell back gasping.
Mikey's  mother clapped.  "Chocolate syrup, boys, no peanuts in that. "
 "Good practice, boys! Perfect!"


"The Call"  was inspired by Red's  M3 FlashFiction Challenge and with a w.c. of 139, squeaks nicely into the July limit of  150 words.

Is that Incoming I hear? 


  1. Nothing like practicing for the difficult moments!


    1. Hi Pearl!Nice to see you! This could be especially helpful in Minneapolis where you have to catch the bus in an emergency. ":) In fact, practicing everything difficult is probably good, and can instil confidence ":)

  2. Peanut allergies are getting more and more common .. Thank goodness Im not allergic. I love Peanuts... Intriguing piece of writing .. and led the imagination


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