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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Door

 by Raymond Alexander Kukkee

The old Hay mow Door
The door swung in the wind, flailing mercilessly, banging erratically and loudly, keeping him awake.
"Damned door!" he pulled the pillow over his head and tried to go back to sleep, but quit trying. He got up and pulled his  boots on. It was raining.
"Good grief!" he said.
 He climbed up to the hay-mow . He reached  down for the door but slipped on the wet timber.
"Damned door! " he yelled on the way down.
 "Good thing the hay-wagon was still loaded " he told his wife as she handed him a cup of coffee at breakfast. 


"The door" was created for Red's  M3 Flash Fiction Challenge. The August word limit is 100 words.  "The door" barely squeaked in under the wire at  99 words.

Is that Incoming I hear?

 photo credit  www. flikr.com


  1. Great description RK...Easy to envision. How long will you be writing these short pieces? Sounds like an interesting venture. Stay in the light beams and be at peace. Blessings...VK

    1. Hi Vk, thanks....I have no idea how long they will go on. We're working collectively on being peaceful by staying busy, hopefully...":) Blessings to you too.

  2. Thank goodness for a Full hay-wagon .. Very discriptive..:)

    1. Sue, thanks! If you have to fall, may the sudden stop be gentle. That applies to life, doesn't it. ":) ~R


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