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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

D is for Dog


D is for Dog.
Of course our loyal readers will agree it is logical to add that double -D  (DD)   is for Dog(s).  
Did I have a choice?
                           ........er......No,  I have two.    

 It's just as well.     What would they do if they weren't  Dually?  Chase bunnies?  Of course, that's dog stuff.
See?  They're trying to dominate and destroy decorated doggie-toys. Isn't that  dedication?

Tilly and Ebony doing 'Dog Stuff '

Our dogs, Tilly the Tall (TTT)  and Ebony the Short (ETS)   are special and expect to be treated like they're part of the family.   

                              They  play deviously like a pair of twins,  --or "Double Distractions" as Uncle Mac might add when spouting all that  double D doggerel  about Farm Girl, a whole shed-full of diversions,  bunnies, busting onions and such.
 In his own words,  "Ya know, I got so many visitors,  sometimes the place is a veritable shed-full of Doggone-Devious Doughnut-Dibblers".  
 He further advises  "It's so much fun I oughta' sell coffee and  franchise the place."
"I'd call it the 'Double D' "  he whispers as he hands me a dozen dividing onions.

Back at the ranch even the devious dog(gies) finally admitted the distracting bunnies in  Mac's shed would be a delightful diversion.
 See what I mean?  Now we have franchised double 'D's on the brain and haven't even dallied our way up to the coffee-shop for a double-double to go yet.
For some reason, TTT and ETS  keep begging for double doughnuts and winking at each other.  Go figure.  The world's going to the Dogs.  
Well, for  D- Day anyway Woof!

Is that incoming I hear?


  1. Deviously delightful! And the dogs are adorable, too!

    1. Thanks Red! The dogs said 'woof woof' which in dog language means 'cool Lady' " ":)

  2. Terrific post and thanks for mentioning the shed! Dogs, and dog-like critters, are just the absolute best!

  3. Hi Mac, I thought you would like it. I smiled a lot when I wrote this. I'm with you on caring about dogs and pets --they certainly are the best! Thanks again Mac! I really enjoy your blog..it's great! ~R


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