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Friday, April 6, 2012

F is for Focus

 F is for Focus

The future is bright as can be as long as I stay in focus.  It seems in the last few days  I entirely forgot about checking my fortune cookies.    I got it,  I should be more focused, so I write myself  notes and stuff them into fortune cookies.  I can't wait to find out what's going to happen next every time I open a fortune cookie. It helps me focus.
 Why?  Because focus is how you observe. To stay focused on stuff is awesome.  Flowers, fortune cookies, bunnies. You can always go to the opera
 Maybe I forgot all about spring at the opera.
I'll have to digress and focus for a moment; We were  supposed to think spring.  If 'ya don't think spring, it doesn't come.
I've been pretty distracted with the drama of  the A to Z's. That's why it froze last night again. The muse said there was little skim of ice on the little pond again.  You should have seen the stare I got. Enough to shrink a crocus.
You have to understand the necessity of that stern revelation.  It was only yesterday we saw our first crocuses.   Focus on this now, crocuses, tiny little green leaves, and little, tiny pinky-purple flowers.  Very tiny.  See? These ones.  See how big the grass is?

Shrinky Crocuses

Not only that, the ground was covered with jeweled  frost crystals, all different colours, caused by the low angle of the sun focusing on the frost. I could not focus well enough to capture that beauty in the early sunlight. Too bad. You would have liked that.
  One thing is certain, I forgot about spring, and I was out of focus, because  I also discovered I forgot about Fudge cookies, too. That really proves it.
 Those floppy little  opera binoculars didn't  focus on Figaro getting married  in his striped tights  very well, but they focused fine on an open bag of Fudge cookies being eaten by a pair of swooning  matriarchs a few boxes over.
That's when they came into focus. Fudge cookies I mean. The number one delight of focused matriarchs watching Figaro's striped tights with steamed opera binoculars.
 I knew what was wrong.  I bought a ticket for Fiddler on the Roof.
 Somehow I went to The Marriage of Figaro in Tights instead.
I was sitting in the balcony, wondering if anyone  would mind if I upstaged Figaro by flopping over the edge and shouting:
 'Focus!... Isn't this supposed to be Fiddler?"
   Focus on that for a moment. Mozart did.   
 I better focus on crocus and wait for spring. I'll check my fortune cookie.

Is that incoming I hear?

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  1. Would the focus have been better if Figaro was fiddling for the fudge cookies? IJS

    On that note, I am headed to Friday Follies.

    1. That is one of the deeper and more devious questions that must be answered. We must focus more ":)

  2. I'll admit that I do sometimes lose focus, Raymond, and do my best to bring myself back to what I need to be focusing on. However...I never, ever lose focus when it comes to fudge cookies. :)

    I really admire all of you doing this A-Z challenge!

    1. Hi, Super, welcome again. It's easy to lose focus isn't it? I have to agree, fudge cookies help. ":) This A to Z is harder than I thought it would be. Thanks for so much encouragement --and visiting!~R

  3. Funny little disitation on focus. I think underneath it all, you're focused on writint your daily blog. Well done.

    1. Francene, welcome to Incoming Bytes! I guess being focused is really the name of the game, it's difficult at times, especially with the A-Z challenge. I very much appreciate your kind comments! Thank you, and please do visit again! ":)

  4. Hi Raymond, boy do I relate! As both an artist and author, it 's been a challenge to focus in. I made a decision to stop doing art for a while in order to get published, but now that I am published, I'm bring my art into my books. Fireseed One, my latest, is a YA futuristic thriller. I am proud to say that I have nine illustrations in it. Such a joy. But unless I had focused in on the writing part for a number of years, I may not have achieved that goal. I'm over from A to Z so hop on by if you like. Today I seem to be #639. Cheers, Catherine

    1. Catherine, welcome to Incoming Bytes! It's really encouraging to hear about challenges others are experiencing too! Congratulations on your book! NINE illustrations in it too,that is fantastic. "Illustrations" are holding me up on several of my efforts as well, I published "Morgidoo's Christmas Carol" before Christmas but it included photography only. Illustrations are much more personal in some ways.
      I shall visit your blog. # 639, here I come! ":) Thanks again! ~R


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