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Saturday, April 21, 2012

S is for Solution

Why is S for Solution? Because solutions are everywhere around us.  Solutions touch us daily.   Because solutions are required as answers for tough questions. Because being happy is a solution, and solutions can make us happy. Because solutions solve dilemmas and dissolve materials in the world around us. Because solutions can be solid or liquid. The globe  itself is made up of solutions. Solutions in nature can be complex, but a complex answer can also be a natural solution.

" the contrite, perfect answer is not always the right 'solution'.


Remember 'questions' ?  The solution closest at hand may always not be the right answer to a question because the contrite, perfect answer is not always the right 'solution'.   "The solution to pollution is dilution" is a common example. Dilution --is  another 'solution', albeit a devious, weaker, less desirable solution to pollution.

Solutions are also 'dissolved matter' in water or another liquid. Those solutions are not unlike solutions to day-to-day hard problems in life, problems that can be  'solved' by gentle washing away with care, love, and thought. TLC, the solution to many difficult problems.

Solutions can be smart and can be complex.  They can alter reality, preserve pickles,  coat metals, remove dirt,  carry medicine into the blood stream, and cook food to perfection. Gravy is a complex solution of meat juice, minerals, salt, starch and water, but also a simple solution to dry potatoes.  Alcoholic beverages are solutions of alcohol, highly complex organic and trace minerals, and water.  Drinking is not a solution, to life's problems, but everything you drink is a solution.  See why solutions are important?

The ocean may be a solution of water, salt and minerals- but solids such as stainless steel alloys are also solutions of various metals and minerals.  Almost everything around us is a solution, or was derived from a solution.  Think about it. Everything manufactured around us is a solution to a specific problem or requirement.
 Such is the strange complexity and nature of solutions --and one of the key solutions to understanding why S is for Solution.

Is that incoming I hear?


  1. Solutions are great, especially when they taste good :) Gravies mask a wide variety of culinary sins....

    1. ah, Katley. You are so right! Hey, who ever commits culinary sins? We don't admit those....":))

    2. Not with a bevy of fixes for kitchen nightmares at your fingertips!

    3. Thanks,Red, you have that right. There are some things you can do to fix nightmares, all except badly burned potatoes. The fix for those is to peel some new ones.. YOU should write a "Burned Potato Fix It" book! ":))

  2. wine is the best solution to kitchen nighmares and culinary sins...just add a little to the gravy. Your company will never know what hit them :)

    1. Katley, I've never heard of adding wine to the gravy, but drinking some before you put it in the gravy might help a lot too...The company will see that you are happy and that will make them even happier...":))


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