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Monday, April 9, 2012

'I' is for Interest, Interests, and Interesting

1926 US Liberty Silver Dollar

Are interests merely lesser hobbies? 

An official  hypothesis might insist interests are really hobbies,  a collection of  hobbies, --or not.   ' H' was for hobbies, if you recall.  I may yet bite my tongue.   
 We are not interested in limitations, so by definition, do not espouse any official position.
 I am interested in clever angles, smart directives and yoga,  but I do not  unnecessarily become distressed over  Kama Sutra geometric progressions. I try not to subject loyal readers  of Incoming Bytes to  any form of deep breathing they do not wish to participate in.  Nor do I have any interest in placing one foot behind my head. 

 On the other hand, I am interested in apple trees, bonsai, grafting, garden sheds, healthy outdoor activities, even old coins,  -and upon occasion I do participate in these interests vigorously, at times even as hobbies, particularly between coffee-breaks.
Interests may clearly be one and the same as hobbies,-- or not but let us outline our official position.  
In my specific world  " I  is for Interest", --or,  more accurately, interest(s) upon which, rule(s) may be applied or not.  By the way, the muse insists upon being included in this discussion. 
Being interested in promoting correctness (not political) in the English language, we mutually apologize that "I is for interest " sounds eerily akin to  "I is here for dinner",  or  "I is for cookies and coffee".
  Let's toss that grammar rule out. Who, after all, would not want to be  for cookies and coffee?
We must also revel in the discovery there are endless grammar rules in which we may dabble.
 Now that we have the quintessential grammar of "interest" sorted out, shall we proceed?
I (we) am(are) interested in virtually everything.  Multiple interests can be distracting at times.   Is that bad?
I(we)  have also been seen observing humanity, so if you are a human being or curious specimen, an alien, for instance,  I(we)  am (are) interested in observing you.
 If you also  have multiple personalities, I ( we ) are even more interested in observing you. Humanity  is a complex area of  interest.  At times we are not amused, but have a prime directive against commenting  on such things.     and / or  laughing. at evidence collected to date)
By the way, I (we) would also be interested in your essential or even marginal  proclivities, such as if your species  divides automatically and maintains a mathematical and keen interest in Kama Sutra geometry or other lesser hobbies.

 After all, ' I ' is for interest, interests, and the interesting.

Is that incoming I hear?


  1. I call this one 'interesting' hehe! :) Great Incoming with a capital 'I'!!

    1. Hi Christyb, I'm glad you're interested ";) Nice to see you too! ":)


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