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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

V is for Variety

V is for Variety

What do you value most in life?  Relics from the past,   the same old, same old, your continuity,  your routine? The same things, over and over, day in, day out? Do you thrive in a solid state environment, where nothing ever grows, moves or changes?

A variety of veggies

Remember the old adage "variety is the spice of life" ? 

Why not try some variety? 

What are the advantages of  variety?  
  • Variety keeps you interested in life. Get out there and enjoy.
  • Variety can provide relief from boredom. A change is as good as a rest.
  • Variety offers a basis for comparison. Drive a Chevy? Try a Ford. Drive a Ford? Try a Honda.
  • Variety can offer additional occupational opportunities never seen before. Maybe getting the superintendent's job IS possible. You'll never know unless you apply.
  • Variety can offer excitement.  Try cliff-climbing if you really want exhilaration.
  • Variety can stimulate your creativityTry writing instead of oil-painting.
  • Variety can provide additional opportunityWould you have seen that 'Franchise Available' sign if you had driven the old route home today?
  • Variety can provide valuable teaching opportunities. The elderly lady next door really does want to learn how to graft apple trees instead of growing radishes. Take the time to show her how.
  • Variety can encourage sharing.  Buy something different--you may like it so much you will want to share it today. You may be surprised what is shared back with you.
  • Variety can be fun.  Going to the new circus in town might be a lot of fun instead of going to the theater every  Saturday like you have for the last 20 years.
  • Variety offers the opportunity to meet new people. Take a different approach to problem-solving.  Travel around the world to meet new people. 
  • Variety can be profitable.   Who would have guessed that changing an advertising program would be so profitable?  You would have never made that huge profit without variety.
  • Variety is diversification.  Whether in business or not,  selling, manufacturing or distributing  products, diversification offers  economic strength during tough times.
  • Variety of foods offers health.  A greater variety of vegetables and fruits in your diet will result in better health. 
  • Variety can update your personal outlook. Update that personal look and get fit, change up the hair style regularly, and you'll realize you are not only  updating  the thinking process, but  your personal outlook with variety.  
  • Variety offers a healthy environment. Bio-diversified forests and crops are healthier.
Clearly, variety can be good  for everyone in some aspect of their lives.
At Incoming Bytes, we suspect variety is important to keep the mind stimulated.  Ask more of yourself.  Ask more of your thought process. Ask for variety.  Encourage the same in others.
We can make life better for everyone in this world by trying something bold and different. Variety. 

 Shall we be bold and  try something different?   Let's go for it!

Is that incoming I hear?


  1. without variety life would be boring. That is why when you go to the supermarket there are 300 brands of peanut butter on the shelves. The advertisers would like you to think that their peanut butter is better than their competitor's. I find the store brand tastes just as good and costs much less. So much for variety :)

    1. Katley,I certainly have to agree with you. Plain label store brands are often packed by top name producers, at times the quality actually may even be better. Less expensive brands can be FAR better. Interesting isn't it? Variety is good, no doubt about it--as long as it's REAL variety. ":) Have a wonderful day! ~R

  2. Loved your varieties of squash. Have been an organic gardener for 40 years and every year I find something new to plant. Like, this year I've found some black crim cherry tomatoes! And I learned long ago to love purple Royalty Pod Beans.

    New follower for you, from A-Z. Would love the same, if you can. I'm 2 days behind you, but I don't steal!!

    1. Hi, Sharon, welcome to Incoming Bytes! We had several varieties of different vegetables, it is amazing how wonderful variety can be. I've never heard of black crim cherry tomatoes but we do have purple beans and other weird stuff! Thank you for commenting, I shall visit your blog too! ~R

  3. Agreed variety is the spice of life
    that's why I'm cooking something different tonight
    broiled rug rat with scallions...

    my V

    1. hi Leslie! Welcome to Incoming Bytes too! Broiled rug rat with scallions would go fine with steak sauce.. ":) Please do come again, and I will visit your blog too! ~ R

  4. Sigh. When I tried to sell my dalliance with the cashier from the local supermarket in the name of variety, my ex wasn't buying.

    But point well taken. Change is good.

    2012 election peeps!

    1. Mac, welcome! I can feel your pain. I don't think dalliance(s) with dental assistants go over well either, variety or not. Some people just don't have a sense of humor where variety is good. haha...Change is good. Variety is good. 2012 election may be good too. Thanks for commenting, Mac. I liked your V statue too, not the old one. ":))

  5. I would have guess your V would have been for the Versatile Blogger Award I gave you, but I like variety! As my children and my blog as witness, variety is the spice of my life!

    Great ideas, Ray.

  6. AAAARRRRGH...Red, I forgot all about the Versatile, otherwise I probably WOULD have used it for 'V' ! *Sigh..see, that's what happens. Thank you so much, too!

    Variety keeps our minds from going stagnant--and variety in life is critical to keep things interesting. YOUR blog is amazing, I really do wonder how you keep coming up with new subject matter--and even more fascinating, you get it RIGHT! Thanks again, Red! ~R


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