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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

J is for Junk

Junk Near You
There is something weird going on.  Everything is turning into junk.  We long for the 'good old days' when you could buy a manufactured item, use it more than twice, and then use it again the next day without fear of it rusting, breaking, falling apart, simply failing to work and turning into junk.
 If it did break, you could get replacement parts. Imagine that.

In North America, we used to have good stuff. Made by Canadians and Americans that had jobs and actually knew how to make stuff that was worth having. Solid, good tools.  Top quality clothing. Great equipment. Durable stuff.   Have no fear, there was junk in the 'good old days' too,  stuff made by shysters, the cheap and the devious, but their reputations quickly became tarnished. Cheap, shoddy products were shunned as  'junk'.  They were called bad,  impolite names. 

"....Outsourced for your unemployment enjoyment."

J is still for junk, but we are faced with a different dilemma  today. We have been lulled into buying shiny, perfect imitations;  copies of  "good stuff" that are shiny, goods invariably made for pennies in China, or some other junk-producing source of pikers and perpetrators.
 Once the warranty, shine and glimmer are gone, it is soon discovered that, once again, we have been hoodwinked into buying junk.  Was it your intent to buy junk that was outsourced for your unemployment enjoyment?  
Did you purposely  jump in the car,  break all speed records  racing down the highway to your nearest Walmart or Canadian Tire to shout at the  sales clerk breathlessly;

" I want junk! I cannot live without junk!   "Here's my credit card, please sell me  MORE  outsourced,  overpriced, glitzy imitation junk!"  (?) 

 I guess not.  It just looks that way.

 J really is for "Junk".  Junk-yards, garbage dumps and landfills near you are full of it.  
 What are you doing about it? Do you refuse to buy poor-quality junk and recycle what you do use?


Is that incoming I hear? 


  1. I agree that too much stuff is being made,coming at us from every direction conceivable. You are right. If it doesn't start out as junk, that is what it ends up.

    1. Hi CYW, North Americans are the junk society of the world, nothing is good unless it's 'new' in our brainwashed consumer society- and by far, the majority of it IS junk even before it starts. Most people fail to recognize that! Thank you for commenting! ":)

  2. I think North Americans are too obsessed with "stuff." Which is why we have the biggest landfills on the planet...filled with cheap "made in China" junk.

    1. hi Katley! You are SO right on. We are stuffing North America with JUNK.Poorly made trashy JUNK. This is clearly not sustainable. Thank you for visiting! ~R

  3. We have become a throwaway society Raymond, and for alot of individuals a couldn’t care less attitude to where we throw it.. It makes my own blood boil somewhat to see the hedgerows littered with Junk and Litter, despite the Fines that never get imposed as they hardly ever catch the fly-tippers..
    Here in the UK there has been a great surge in Scrap Metal collection with trucks coming around our streets 3 times a week seeing if there is any metal to recycle.. Taking away our Junk is also Big Money to some ;-) They don’t make things to last anymore.. It’s not good practice :-) to put yourself out of business with good that last.
    We have also become addicted to buying, to keeping up the ‘Jones’s’ in our must have now pay later world.. Great Post Raymond.. ( and did as you tried, still no updates at either email address looks like My fingers will have to do the walking Lol )
    Have a great Weekend. ~Sue ~ DW..

  4. Sue, thank you for commenting on this really serious issue, we ARE filling the world with garbage and JUNK- manufactured goods that are essentially useless after a very short life, consuming endless resources and precious energy. Recycling metal particularly is very smart.
    Did you enter your email address in the sidebar box, or fill in the 'subscribe to posts' box? Your icon on the header confirms you are 'following'. I still have no idea what is happening, and I now have another reader with the same problem. I am still trying to figure out what the fix is...Thank you so much for your persistence and comments! ":) ~R

    1. Yes it seems not to have resolved itself.. I did all of that with both email addresses, In the beginning I did get your updated posts but then they stopped, I do however get the reply comments via my blogger account email, when I subscribe to your replies comments via email etc.. But I will not be beaten, and keep Persisting! ..
      May I just say how impressed I am also in your topics and skill at writing, I enjoy reading and often see an underlying message held within the Post.. :-)
      Wishing you a Good Day.. ~Sue

    2. Sue, thank you for the wonderful encouragement. Positive feedback is something we thrive on, rightfully or not. ":) Thanks for being so dedicated and loyal... Have a wonderful day! ~R


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