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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

K is for Knowledge

"K" is for knowledge.   Are you empowered by knowledge? Do you have an open mind? 
Did you know that knowledge is power?   Do you know which bits of knowledge give you that power?
Which stream of knowledge powers your being? Where does it come from?  Why?

One of the most fascinating attributes of humanity is knowledge.
We are aware  knowledge is important.  Astute humans realize that knowledge bestows power upon us,  but we must realistically  ponder the curious nature of knowledge itself.  Many questions abound.
Is knowledge simply a collection of facts?
Is knowledge inborn?
Must every bit of knowledge be learned by rote?
Do progressive reasoning and logic take over from basic fact and become knowledge?

Theories may abound, but are they correct?
 Does the very concept of knowledge have foundation in fact? Are there other possibilities?
 Why are anomalies in the field of knowledge not understood? Savants, individuals otherwise mentally challenged, have inordinate, virtually impossible abilities and knowledge. Why?
 Very young children may speak languages they have never been exposed to. Is that the knowledge of reincarnation or universal knowledge they have  unwittingly 'discovered'  in the unexplored recesses of  the mind?
Hypothesize being hard-wired from conception instead. Hypothesize being born with access to all of the knowledge in the universe.  Hypothesize being a genuine 'know it all'.  
Perhaps humans are programmed in the fashion of organic computers of the future?  From which source?  By the most powerful organizing force in the universe?
Is programming completed without individuals being aware that knowledge has been allocated to the seemingly little-understood organic brain?  Is the mind programmed by a superior being, or an advanced race of beings, using mass hypnosis or pin-point telepathy?

Humanity has 'learned' a lot and made terrific advancements in many fields of endeavor -but fails to understand the source of knowledge.  The source of perfect knowledge, God by any name  -is willfully denied by many.
 Is denial also a form of knowledge, a tool designed to control the mind,  or simple arrogance?    

K is for knowledge.  Will you open and explore your mind? At Incoming Bytes we believe everyone should start now.   
Clearly the understanding of the true nature of knowledge has only begun.

Is that incoming I hear?


  1. I've been expanding my mind a lot these last 2 years while writing my book and pursuing publication. I'd love to tout how smart I am, but all I CAN say is that I've learned a lot! I do think knowledge is the grandest prize of all!

    It's nice to meet you! I'm a new follower via the A to Z. Come on by and say hi sometime!

  2. Nancy, welcome to Incoming Bytes! Nice to meet you too! I think it's wonderful that you are writing a book and recognize that knowledge is the 'grandest prize of all". There is much wisdom in that statement. Willfully expanding the mind is a brilliant strategy! I will visit your blog too! Thank you for commenting! ":)

  3. An intriguing read, in that children seem to be more receptive to knowledge than adults. They can pick up a second or even a third language with no trouble. For some reason the older you get the harder it is to learn new stuff. Why is that?

    1. Katley, thank you for commenting. As for asking that question. It may be fairly assumed that children have 'younger, fresher minds', and so learn more easily, but that still does not explain the anomalies of children having knowledge they have never been taught. We must ask if perhaps we are programmed to forget universal knowledge as we age? Interesting concepts. Thanks for visiting! ~R

  4. Knowledge Raymond I have tried to attain throughout my life. I was never the brightest student in class, but I got by.. My own learning experiences came in many different forms as I gleaned Knowledge from Life and from educating myself in many things.. Reading, absorbing, and listening. But even through there is all this Knowledge out there to learn, and I will never in a Million earth years absorb all there is to teach.. There comes that divide of a ‘Knowing’ which is different to Knowledge..
    I Know that there is something extra-ordinary about the way in which our minds connect, I know there is a connection with that infinite spark of creation which allows many to tap into that Cosmic pool of creation which enables many inventions to be created of the same project at the same time.. I know that for some Autistic children and adults there is that part within them that seems to be activated in perfect memory recall, in extraordinary ways, of photographic recall and artistic creation of places never seen, or mathematic equations in split seconds that would take me time to tap out into a calculator.. I KNOW something Else is far bigger, brighter and ALL KNOWING which is guiding us through our own learning of the Knowing we know so little of..
    Maybe its that same Cosmic Pool of energy that ALL KNOWING energy which enables children to speak many languages, Maybe its that Mind/memory connection throughout TIME which upon our incarnation here never severed as others did.. Maybe its our DNA which is being altered as we evolve, some more so than others.. Whatever it is.. I never tire of its Knowledge.. And I never doubt that ‘Inner Knowing’ which I am fortunate to connect with as I do.. As I follow my inner knowing my intuition..
    Great Post Raymond.. Thank you... and yes A Dreamwalker does go on .. sorry about that.. ~Sue

    1. Sue, thank you so much contributing so much to this topic and discussion! You have much knowledge to share, and do so endlessly. There is FAR more to this story than we know at this point. The ALL KNOWING concept has some validity--perfect memory recall of things never seen, never exposed to, or never taught --cannot be explained away easily. Pre-existence of knowledge actually makes more sense. Perhaps we simply do not know how to access the knowledge we have a direct line to..the Cosmic pool has merit. Time is also not correctly understood.
      Knowledge comes to those with open minds, and that cannot be stressed enough. Few people practice protracted thinking-- beyond the normal. A Dreamwalker must go on-for that is the path of the open mind sharing.Well said, Sue! No apology necessary, and thank you for the encouraging comments. Keep doing what you are doing, and be blessed when sharing. Please feel free to comment at will. There remains much to be discovered and discussed. ":) ~R

    2. Many thanks Here Raymond, I have often put off sharing that inner most knowing for it can be quiet scary to some.. But I feel the time is now more than ever to write what I feel and have been shown.. But I have to do it in a way that will make others open up their own minds and seek out the TRUTH for themselves... I have been pondering on this over the last few days.. Your comment here Raymond is that spark of light that has ignited me to follow it through. I have been asking for a Sign, and this was it.. ( A Dreamwalker Must go on ) ... So I will.. Many many thanks for your inspiring words ~Sue

    3. Sue,there is absolutely nothing to fear. Think carefully. Fear of the unknown is simple anxiety caused by lack of knowledge, lack of knowing and the resulting insecurities. The truth has always existed; civilization simply has been distracted by the allure of aspects of life MADE more appealing by those seeking self-benefit, power and riches. I'm happy you understood the comment, the 'spark', but rest assured, you have always been very aware of what is required of you. Be fearless. ":) ~R


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