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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

E is for Edgy....

E is for edgy. 

Are you edgy?                                                               

Do you approach the edge of life  with caution, even a bit of trepidation?  Do you casually walk up,
smile brazenly,  take a deadly guess, and jump, shrieking in terror ?

Go ahead. Think.  Jump.  If you live, you may discover you have taken conquered your fears, for you have taken a leap off of the......edgy side of life. 
"Clearly not only physical, the edgy mind spirals on an ever higher plane "

 We may be elated, and excited,  --even exuberant, but is taking extreme chance really about the simple adrenalin rush of  challenge?  Let us evaluate the inner edgy....the absence of logic, the inexplicable withdrawal of logic,  perhaps even  the promiscuous mind?
 Is it about the secret death wish, the bold gambler, the brave, or  just the stupid?  Why do you  test the edge,  to titillate  the subliminal daredevil between the ears, sated only by adrenalin ?

 Walking on the wild side may be old-fashioned,  even passé as we become more jaded,  bored stiff with recklessness, lured ever closer to the risky, the edgy --as the only alternative to bland danger.  

Clearly not only physical, the edgy mind spirals on an ever higher plane even as society, investing in edgy technological sky-diving,  desperately leaps  sans parachute, into biological modifications, promiscuous behaviour and  mutant decisions that may not rightfully belong to us.  We are, in fact, increasingly ultra-edgy as the elegant clocks of grandfathers tick loudly in the dark. 

Shall we allow arrogance and  incompetence to  launch us into collectively into biological lunacy, so we can silently sail off  of the edge of the flat, flat world into the darkness?

Is it only because we are not smart enough to recognize  we need to  turn on the Light to live another day?   Humans, edgy or not,-- are also apparently  a lot more like  sheep and  lemmings than we care to admit....

Is that incoming I hear?

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  1. Sheep seem to be a theme this week. Yes, there are many of them. Not certain the purpose they serve...oh, wait, yes, I do. They vote for the imbeciles in our governemnts ;)

    Great E.

    Are you choosing the other post for your comment luv at M3? Your new posts are not attaching. I am trying to figure out if it is broken or you?


    1. Red, that's because sheep are the biggest component of the profiteering system and power network. You are SO right on, they vote in idiots, morons and imbeciles, not necessarily in that order.

      I'm not sure what's happening, the posts do NOT seem to be attaching. I was kind of wondering about that myself. Is possible it is broken? My last comments did not seem to show up for some reason. I was wondering if it has something to do with A-Z or not? Thanks for letting me know! \":)


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